How Women Can Prevent Embarrassing Hair Loss

No matter who you are, man or woman, young or old, hair loss in an embarrassing situation. We’d all like thick, luxurious heads of hair if we had the choice, sure, but losing your hair? No matter how little you care about outer appearances, hair loss can cause self-esteem issues for anyone. If you’re destined for hair loss through genetics there are some ways you can help prevent losing your hair, ladies. Here’s how!Take care of your hair to keep it around longer. Let your hair air dry whenever possible. The heat from a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron destroys hair and causes premature hair loss and if you burn your scalp, the follicles can get permanently damaged. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet and brush gently when you do brush it. Avoid hairstyles that require you use tight elastic bands every day and use gentle shampoos and conditioners. You can also stimulate hair growth by massaging essential oils, like lavender, into your scalp. You’ll also want to limit how much you dye your hair as hair dye weakens the strands every time it’s used.

The best way to prevent hair loss from happening is by treating it right from the inside out. Start by giving your body the nutrients it needs to grow hair. The more fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, the healthier you’ll be all around. You can also eat foods with nutrients that have been proven to promote hair growth. Good vitamins and minerals to consume are iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C, and biotin. Those protein-fortified shampoos aren’t the kind of protein you need to make a real difference. They work by filling in gaps in your strands to help your hair look fuller. Foods to keep in constant supply are lean meats, leafy greens, beans, seeds, whole grains, citrus fruit, and tomatoes, just to name a few.Stress does a number on your body in many ways, including speeding up hair loss. Cortisol, the stress hormone, weakens the immune system, suppresses cell regeneration, impairs metabolism and digestive function, and weakens muscles and bones. How is your body supposed to worry about growing hair when it deals with all of that? Do your best to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. Develop regular sleep habits. Other ways you can reduce your stress is by regular exercise, meditation, and eating right.If you know you’re destined for hair loss, or have already experienced hair loss, you might want to consider hair restoration. From hair plugs to rejuvenation, treatments will vary depending on the severity of your hair loss and your preferences. Consult a company like Tempus hair restoration to see what services you can find and that will fit with your budget. They can help you decide the best treatment for your case and advise you on more ways to help maintain the hair you have and grow more.

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