Fun For Kids Quiet For Mom Jlab Jbuddies Kids Headphones Review Giveaway

My kids love their tablets. They play them daily and they are such a great entertainer when we go on trips in the car or running around town while I do my errands. The noise on the other hand, I do not enjoy. I will hear angry birds space blasting in the back seat and Princess music ringing in the middle seat. I always find myself telling the kids to turn it down……..again and again.I was very excited when JLab offered to send both my kiddos a pair of their own JBuddies to review. My daughter chose pink of course and my son blue. When they arrived we pulled them out and they both chose their favorite stickers from the pack that came with them and minutes later they were playing their games and listening to music. While I was listening to silence! P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S.

I love their new headphones. They are super soft on their ears and feature hypo-allergenic ear cushions, they fit their little heads perfectly and I love the built in volume limiter. These are great headphones for kids. They even come with their own travel pouch in the same color as their headphones to keep them safe while not in use.JLab JBuddies Headphones come REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!JLab introduces state of the art headphones acoustically designed and formed for kids aged 2+. The headphones were tested by kids of all ages for comfort, ease of use and looks, all the while keeping them safe with a built-in (no separate cable required!) volume limiter to ensure a safe listening experience.Manufactured with high quality components with kids in mind and including a variety of theme stickers to fit all interests, the JLab kid headphones are sure to be hit with both kids and parents alike! Fun and sporty the headphones are manufactured with a durable, split resistant plastic and include a travel pouch for parents to keep the product safe and secure while on the move.JLab spared no expense including hypoallergenic ear cushions, multiple theme stickers, an easy to use volume knob and a built-in volume limiter. The headphones are designed with the help of kids to ensure an ultra-comfortable fit making long road trips and plane rides easier to manage and fun. The JLab kids headphones are sure to keep kids happy while assuring parents that their listen experience is safe.

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