Edit Like A Pro! {UNO By Lauren Clark Giveaway}

Photoshop. Just that word alone can make people shake in their booties!

What is UNO? Uno is a one hour Photoshop tutorial by Lauren Clark. It is filmed with a screen shot program so that you will see, up close, what Lauren does in Photoshop. It’s like a mini seminar on Photoshop with no secret left untold that you can view over, and over, and over again! View the blog for more before/afters and contests!

What does it cover? This video tutorial covers raw workflow, ACR (Adobe Camera Raw), Bridge, actions, retouching, liquifying, Lauren’s secret action to make color pop, and much more!

What will I need to do this on my own? Lauren teaches using Photoshop CS4 only; however, most of the things shown can be done with Photoshop CS-CS4. She also uses Totally Rad Actions (the first set) to mix her “master action” for the color pop.Why should I buy UNO? If you just want to learn how Lauren Clark makes color pop, or if you are just beginning photography and have no clue where to start, UNO will teach it all!Who can buy it? Anyone wanting to learn Photoshop (photographers, students, mom’s with cameras, graphic designers, brides wanting to edit their wedding photos, and people who are just plain curious about Photoshop!)I was introduced to Lauren Clark & her work {including UNO} a little over a year ago by a photography friend. At this point, I had been learning Photoshop for around 3 years and still felt like I was scratching at the surface. I am self taught through trial and error, books, and you tube. Editing can take me an eternity and sometimes I end up stressed and frustrated because I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong or how exactly to get the look or popped colors I really want in my end result! After receiving Lauren’s UNO DVD, I am kicking myself for not purchasing it when I first discovered it. I could have saved so much time, energy, & TIME {yes, I said time twice!}.

Lauren Walks you through her entire editing process, from the moment she opens the photos in Bridge, to when they are completed in Photoshop. She highlights various buttons and layers, explaining what each one she uses does, and helps you to understand exactly what you can do in editing to take your images to the next level! I have watched this DVD a few times through and each time I am learning more and the details of Photoshop are becoming clear to me. So many of my mom friends have nice cameras and various versions of Photoshop, but no idea what to do with their pictures once they get them there. Lauren’s DVD will give you the knowledge you need to understand Photoshop and give you amazing guidance on how to improve your photos through editing. You really feel like you are sitting beside Lauren at her computer as she is walking you through her editing process step by step. I know so many moms and photographers alike who would all love and benefit from this DVD. It is not only for professional photographers, anyone who wants to learn about Photoshop should invest in this DVD. You will save time & gain so much knowledge!

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