Creative Play! {Anamalz Giveaway}

I love toys that don’t require batteries, or extra parts that become lost in the toy room. I love toys are simple. Ones that will spark my little guys imagination! Ones that he can play with over and over again and never tire of.I was recently sent a pack of anamalz for my little guy to review. He was very excited as he loves animals right now. He is learning the sounds and recognizing how they look in appearance. When our anamalz arrived we quickly pulled them out for him to play with. He received a kangaroo, a lion, and a tree. They are absolutely adorable and the best thing is they require no noise or batteries to use. Just plain old imagination!!! They are perfect for church, driving in the car, and all those other places where you like to keep things quiet.

He quickly took them to his room and began posing them and playing with them. I found him making animal noises and talking to them. He was so creative with them and I could see his imagination working full force. It was too cute!
I highly recommend anamalz to every child ages 3+.Four categories make up the anamalz line of pose-able pals: Farm [including donkey, horse, llama], Wild[baboon, buffalo, moose, to name a few] Australian [emu, wombat, kangaroo] and the all new Prehistoric[parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, triceratops]. Accessories include a play mat and trees enhance the play experienceIn all, there are 35+ figures to collect.An added online experience awaits anamalz owners. Click on their website,, and enter thepassword printed on the anamalz hang tag. Enter the site to animate your new pal, download wallpaper and playgames only available to owners. Elsewhere on the website kids can find tips on improving their environment andsending

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