Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Christmas in July has been a real thing for me this year.  First, my son Blake was born on the 5th.  That is a pretty great present if you ask me.  Second, he was born two weeks early.  Another GREAT present.  (Pregnant + Summer = A lot of sweat  LOL)  Another Christmas-like event that happened this month is how tired I have been.  In December all the running around, parties, comfort food, shopping, etc can get anyone really tired.  Now I know I just had a baby and I am supposed to feel a little tired, but when your baby doesn’t sleep then you feel REALLY tired.

Blake sleeps all day…normal for a little baby.  At night when I would put him in his bassinet he would wake within 5 minutes.  He hated that thing.  I don’t know if it was too hard, too flat, or if he is just a cuddly baby…he would sleep in it during the day, just not at night.  The only way I could get some sleep was to have him sleeping on the bed.  I could put his crying self down on the bed and BAM! out like a light.  So for the first little bit I would swaddle him up and he would lay next to me.

Even though I was getting sleep, I was constantly waking up to make sure his face wasn’t smashed into the mattress, I wasn’t too close, and that he wasn’t going to fall off the bed.  Sure I didn’t feel so zombie like but I was so nervous that I was going to smash his little body. After recently reading an article about how co-sleeping raises risks for babies dying of SIDS, I was determined to find a solution that would work for both of us–sleep for both of us.  Enter, Daydreamer Sleeper!

Daydreamer Sleeper is designed with moms and children in mind.   Baby can sleep comfortably (and WILL sleep) allowing mom to have her arms free.  Now mom can shower, workout, clean house, take a nap, or blog!  Mom can know her baby is safe and snug.  The Daydreamer Sleeper is the perfect 28° incline angle, giving baby a comfortable snooze.  not only will baby receive a comfortable sleep they will be in a safe, stable, and uncluttered space. Blake received the Daydreamer Sleeper in sage green.  When it arrived we immediately took it out of the box and put it to the test.  Blake was happy and quickly fell asleep.  I can’t even tell you how nice it is…not only that he is actually sleeping buy that I can put him down.  I don’t have to worry about his face being smashed into the mattress, me rolling over on him, or having to hold him the entire time.

We have used this every single day since we received it.  We use it in the family room during the day.  This allows Blake to sleep and me to play with Beckham, get house work done, shower, and cook.  We use it in basement in the evening.  This allows my hubby and I the chance to catch up on our favorite movies and tv shows without having to hold a sleeping baby the whole time.  We use it in the bedroom at night.  This keeps Blake off the bed, safe, and sound asleep.  A mother’s dream!

The lining is super soft and breathable.  Blake is never sweaty, even after hours of sleep.  The seating area is also waterproof just in case there are any accidents….or in our case your baby pees from the changing table onto the Daydreamer Sleeper.   If there is an accident though no worries.  The cover easily zips off and can be thrown in the washer. To keep baby safe the Daydreamer Sleeper is equipped with a three point harness.  It is covered in the same ultra soft cover and velcros over the fastener for extra safety and comfort.

The Daydreamer Sleeper is truly a life saver!  Mommy can get sleep, do laundry, workout, and so much more now that baby doesn’t have to be held in order to sleep.  Good work Daydreamer Sleeper!!  These beauties sell for $129.99 MSRP and can be purchased at Babies R Us.  They are available in pink, blue, or sage green.  Give the gift of sleep to your baby and yourself!  Now Christmas can be in any month thanks to Daydreamer Sleeper!

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