Spring Foot Must Haves

Spring brings out cute new fashion, fun colors, and great new trends.  I am not going to lie…it is kind of hard to be pregnant when all of these new clothes are hitting the market.  Have no fear though!  I always have my feet to rely on!!  This spring keep your eyes peeled for slides, ankle boots, boat shoes, and pointed pumps (my fav!).BUT WAIT!  Feet aren’t just for shoes!!  Feet are also for socks!  No one wants sweaty feet and stinky shoes, especially when we spend so much money on shoes.  Socks are for absorbing sweat because like it or not our feet sweat/ breathe.  Also, I don’t know if this happens to you too, but I find when I don’t wear socks the insoles of my shoes eventually start to pull up in the toe.  GRR!  Unless you are wearing sandals, you should wear socks.  This protects your feet AND makes your shoes last longer.I have shared my love of Kushyfoot socks with you several times in the past.  (Read about their athlete socks, ultra low cut socks, fall/winter socks, and flats-to-go)  If you have tried Kushyfoot socks you are in love too and you aren’t afraid to show it.  Am I right or am I right?

Well Kushyfoot has done it again.  They have introduced the world to great socks that protect, give comfort, and look wonderful again.  They are even offering larger sized socks, sizes 9-12, now that the average foot is a 8-9!! Ready for another foot fashion show?!  Here we go!First I received the Ultra Low Cut Foot Covers in silver and black polka dots.  These super stretchy, sheer foot covers have just a tiny touch of lace around the edge.  These socks are low enough that they won’t show when you wear your cute pumps or flats but if they do, the lace peeking out will keep them looking cute.  They feature a great cushioned sole to help pamper your feet so you can be on them all day.  You can’t go wrong with these shiny polka dot foot covers.  Available in silver, black, and nude.Also available in this great ultra low cut style is this wonderful Lace Top Foot Cover.  These offer the lace on the top for a fun, feminine look while offering the plain sole, complete with padding, for comfort.  These are available in nude, black, and mocha.Have shoes that are even more low cut and shoe toe crack and want to make sure socks don’t show, not even a lacy edge?  Then the Extreme Low Cut Foot Covers are the perfect socks for you!  The extra low cut side keeps these socks hidden.  They have heel grips to keep them from slipping off and bunching up in your shoe.  These also offer a padded sole!  Available in nude and black lace as well as plain black and nude.

Wondering what to do for your shoes with a slingback or open arch?  Kushyfoot is watching out for you!  Let me introduce you to the  Toe Cover with Clear Slingback sock.  These are genius and I have never seen anything like them.  These socks are a sheer material with a clear strap that goes around the back of your heel to keep your toe cover in place.  They also feature the coveted padded sole as well as a non-skid sole to keep your foot from sliding forward in your shoe.  These are available in nude and black.Call me crazy but these Sheer Anklets are my least favorite Kushyfoot socks.  Perhaps I don’t understand the trend of sheer anklets with a pair of Mary Janes and a flirty dress.  (I think it looks like your knee highs are slipping down.)  Or perhaps it is because my ankles are to big to keep them them rolling down.  Whatever the reason, these are not for me.  This is the first time I have said that about a pair of Kushyfoot socks.  These are available in black and nude.Last down the sock runway, one of my favorite Kushyfoot socks, the Sport Foot Cover.  I have received these for review before and I LOVE them.  I wear them quite often.  I like them because the top is a ventilated mesh, allowing my sweaty workout feet to breathe.  They have great arch support too.  Plus I NEVER have to readjust them in my running shoes.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  The heel grips keep them up on my heels, allowing for nice long runs without having to stop, take my shoe off, pull my sock up, and put my shoe back on very carefully so it stays in place.  NOPE!  I can even kick my shoes off pulling them by the heel and the sock still doesn’t budge.  Available in pink, black, and white these are a active feet must have!

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