Portable And Comfortable

Things can get really busy when you are a mom with 2 kiddos… probably even more so if you have even more munchkins! Lady is a really good baby most of the time. I find that if she is fed and rested, she is usually happy to hang out by herself for a little bit which allows me to get some much needed stuff done. We have a full size swing that both her and Peanut used. It is great, but it is huge and doesn’t fold up at all. It was getting really inconvenient moving the swing around the house to where I was working…particularly if I was in the kithen or if were eating dinner. Lady is a little social butterfly and LOVES to be where everyone else is!  Fortunately, I was given a solution.  Our friends over at Double Duty Divas generously sent me a Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing- Girafaloo to try out.

This swing is a dream! I have had an experience with portable swings before, and it wasn’t good. It was a very reputable brand and I was super excited. We put it together, turned it on, and used it for about 5 times before it completely stopped working. Thankfully I was able to return it. This swing has been great from the start. We’ve been using it now for about 2-3 week, and haven’t had any problems yet. I was so excited to use it that I broke out the screwdriver and put it together by myself as soon as it arrived…I usually wait and have Hubby do it…I HATE reading instructions! It was super easy to put together! I put Lady in it right away and she loves it. I really love that there is a 5 point harness to secure her. That is first time I’ve seen that in a swing. It has 6 speeds so you can get the perfect swing control. The highest speed is a little too fast for Lady, so for all out there that need some “strong motion”, I think it will do the job. (It takes 4 C batteries in case you’re wondering.) There is also a music option with 2 volumes and 7 melodies. We’ve love listening to music with our kiddos, so Lady listens to it when she’s in the swing and seems to enjoy it. Peanut loves it too! He constantly turns the music on and tries to climb in the swing ALL.THE.TIME. There is an auto shut off after 30 minutes. If you are trying to have your little one sleep in the swing, it may or may not annoy you.

We haven’t had that problem. Lady sleeps in her crib so we use the swing for when she’s awake and I need some “mommy free time!” I LOVE how portable it is. You simply pull up on both ends of the seat and they fold straight up, and the legs fold in as well. The whole thing folded is about 25″ tall, 21″ across and less than 12″ wide. It fits great tucked to the side of my couch, out of the way when we’re not using it. And when it’s open it is super lightweight and easy to move around. I can pull it up by the dinner table so she can “hang out” with us while we’re eating, or I can easily have it in my cramped limited kitchen space while I make dinner or do dishes. It would be great if you are short on space! There is also a super cute, adjustable, removable toy  bar with a cute little giraffe and birdie for Lady to look at.  This swing is REAL Mom Recommended and would make an awesome present under the tree for the new Mom!. It retails for $74.99 and can be found online and in stores at BabiesRUs. Thanks for solving my swing issues Double Duty Divas!

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