Storage Seasons

Do you have a heap of outdoor clutter?  Balls, scooters, toys, bicycle helmets laying around the backyard waiting to be tripped on?  If you answered yes, then I’ve got a solution for you!  Keep the mess stored and organized in Keter’s Borneo Deckbox Keter sent my family a Deckbox to contain our gear and it’s fantastic; attractive and functional! My husband and I have been talking about needing outdoor storage for a while. Our girls leave their athletic balls sitting around the yard after play and over time weather begins to break them down, making them flat or faded. We end up replacing them often which makes me feel wasteful.  They also have scooters that have become rusty from exposure to rain. We don’t have a covered patio yet, so unfortunately everything just sits in the open elements.  Keter’s Borneo Deckbox has changed all this for us. Now we can keep our goods protected from the weather and keep the yard looking tidy.

Here is the checklist of features we wanted in our outdoor storage:

weather resistant; waterproof durable material to keep our items dry  *Something that wouldn’t rust or need to be painted Spacious; able to hold a variety of items from gear to outdoor furniture cushions/pillows Lid or doors with automatic slow closing/opening to avoid finger pinches attractive Keter’s Borneo checked off every item on our list plus gave us a bonus 2-person sitting space and the ability to add a lock.  The resin deckbox has a 105 gallon storage capacity which more than adequately provides for our needs at the moment.  I plan on purchasing new patio furniture cushions, so I’ll definitely store them inside this deckbox, along with the balls, during inclement weather.  I really like the rattan styling of the resin.  It has a classic furniture look, fitting in with our landscaped yard rather than detracting from it.

It was extremely easy to assemble taking merely 10 minutes.  The hardest part was lifting the huge box it arrived in and carrying it to the backyard.  Included inside the box were 6 main pieces and hardware;  a bottom, 2 side panels, front/back panel and the lid.  Other parts included 2 latches for lock area and 2 hinges.  The Borneo is well designed with pieces simply snapping into one another with a firm push.  My husband did the assembling, however, I did pick up each piece and could have done it myself .  Assembling the lid is slightly trickier and requires two people if possible.  One person holds the lid and the other screws the hinge into place. The finished sizing was 51 inches x 27.6 inches x 24.6 inches.  When the box is empty, it is light enough for one person to move and is also sturdy.  Keter’s Borneo Deckbox is available directly from The Home Depot.  As we head into the cold weather months, Keter’s storage solutions are the perfect way to keep outdoor toys packed away and protected.  When spring arrives, your items will still be in their original condition!

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