Avoid Diaper Blowouts And Leaks

BEWARE! DISCLOSURE!! Today we are going to get up close and personal and talk about poop! Or our babies poop!  If you’re a mama of a baby and are anything like me, your day kinda revolves around poop….and even more so if you exploring the world of solids. When Lady was younger, we had the blowouts ALL.THE.TIME!! I was soaking onesies sometimes 3-4 times a day!!! Some of that was trying to find a diaper brand that worked for her. But even when we finally found one that did, inevitably she would still sometimes blowout.

Especially when she started sitting up. I swear that cavern is like a chimney and it would just go right out the top!!  There were too many times to count several times I wished I had something that would just hold it in. On more than one occasion I even seriously considered using medical tape to tape the top of her diaper to her back so there was no place for it to go! I never went that far… If only I had then what I have now! Someone genius thought of my EXACT same troubles and came up with an excellent solution.

Meet Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper.  When I had the chance to take a peek at these two “handy helpers,”, I was super excited! Designed to solve the exact for mentioned problem, the Blowout Blocker is a diaper extension that wraps around baby’s waist, Velcros onto the diaper to hold it in place, and gives those blowouts someplace to go… besides onto baby’s shirt! This is a game changer! There is nothing worse than a baby blowing out while out running errands… I’m sure we’ve all been there. I distinctly remember a memorable one this past Black Friday in the parking lot of Kohl’s… a hose would have been a better solution it was so bad! And now that we are into solids… boy oh boy are those blowouts hard to get out! I swear it takes me 2 days and several soaks to get solids out of onesies.

I’m hopeful those days are behind me now with my little friend! It fits Lady great and really stays in place thanks to the Velcro. While it kinda sticks out without clothes on, under a shirt it lays nice and flat. I opted for white so it wouldn’t show under Lady’s clothes and so I didn’t have to worry about color fading in my Oxy solution, but they come in a great variety of colors. So far we are blowout free. Lady has been a little constipated lately, so it hasn’t had a chance to prove itself, but we are wearing it everyday for when “the big one” finally hits! I’m confident I’ll come out victorious! I also had a chance to check out the Soaker Stopper.

Designed similarly to the Blowout Blocker, the Soaker Stopper fits around the front of Baby to catch any leaks that come out the top. We aren’t having too many troubles with leaks…yet… but I’ll be ready for if we do. I specifically remember Peanut had all sorts of front leaks when he was an infant. The Soaker Stopper would have saved me so much time!! Both of these would make amazing baby shower gifts for any new or repeat mom out there! And don’t forget to get the wet bag, perfect for toting home after they’ve been used! You can find these babies online.

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