Gonna Make You Sweat! {Dance Dance Revolution II}

About 11 years ago, my hubby and I were at a “fun center” in California.  While waiting to play mini golf, we got our first peek at the hot new game Dance Dance Revolution.  There was a 30 something man shaking it like nobody’s business.  He was completely drenched in  sweat…enough so that he had brought his own towel with him.  Standing behind the sweaty man dancing was a line of people waiting to play.  11 years later….a few things change.  We weren’t in California, we were in my basement.  It wasn’t a sweaty man dancing, it was my 10 year old daughter…no, she didn’t have her sweat drenched towel with her.  One thing that was the same was that there was a line.  My kids and neighbor kids lined up in the basement to take their turn shaking it down on Dance Dance Revolution II for the Wii.

The game is super easy to set up.  Pop the game in the Wii and plug the dance mat in a wha-la!  Ready to dance!  The game was perfect for all of my children…Mia (my 4 year old) struggled a little bit.  The easy mode is really easy….easy enough that even I could do it.  The hard is exactly that, VERY hard.  The amount of steps you are supposed to do and all at the same time?!  I would be that crazy, sweaty, thirty something if I even attempted that!  The graphics are great, the characters are fun but the music is the best!  Some of my favorites are Whip Your Hair, Just the Way You Are, and you can’t leave out The Spice Girls.  My girls loved that Selena Gomez and Justin Beber were on there, too.  There are over 80 fun songs to dance to!!

“The Dance Dance Revolution II Bundle Wii offers endless enjoyment for kids with its amazing user interface. The Kids Dance Video game. DDR II is back and better than ever with this incredible follow-up to the game that ruled parties. This popular Dance Game with Game mat features newly added music, moves and modes that guarantee to get your feet dancing. The latest version of this multiplayer dance game features 80 top chartbusters. This game includes a workout mode which displays your stats and fitness routine. This game can be personalized to suit your preferences. The full master tracks included in the multiplayer dance game offers a complete workout routine. The all new dance characters and easy operation make this game a must have for the young and young at heart.

Dance Dance Revolution II Wii Bundle:

  • Features over 80 songs including today’s hottest pop hits.
  • Includes full master tracks for a complete workout
  • Allows a single player to play on two mat controllers Check out our classic Workout
  • Added all-new dance characters
  • Compatible with your Mii’s”

Click here to see a sneak peek Dance Dance Revolution.

Not only was it a super fun night to spend with my kids, but it kept them up and moving.  We didn’t sit in front of the TV for hours playing games, we stood in front of it increasing our heart rate and getting some great exercise.  This is a fantastic game to get you up and moving!  Real Mom and Family Approved!

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