Cool scrap metal decor ideas you didn’t know were possible

Did you know that you have plenty of waste materials in your home which can be efficiently converted to master pieces? If not, then post is a must read for you. We are not talking about the garbage from your kitchen (which should be cleaned off immediately to prevent your home from stinking) but we are talking about real productive waste which you cannot afford to neglect. If you are a fan of fancy artwork then we have something incredible in store for you. Since scrap metal covers a lot of unnecessary space in your garage or store room, here is a list of scrap metal decor ideas which will put it to work efficiently.

1. Metal window frames

Have a lot of great pictures but not interested in purchasing expensive picture frames? Why not make one from scrap? If you have any spare window frames at homes which are of no use to anymore, use them now to make great picture frames. Hang them anywhere in your home where you want to focus attention with your favourite pictures and enjoy the sight.

2. Recycled fork hangers

Used forks can be quite useful as decor pieces and this point proves it best. Twist the forks in a manner to give them a U shaped so they could be as hangers. Nail the fork tips to a wooden or a metal block for giving it better strength.  Once you have assembled this structure, a homemade hanger for your coats and other clothes is ready to be used.

3. Machine gear table

Have any machine gear parts left at your home which is rotting in your backyard? Make them useful by converting it into a machine gear table which is an absolutely timeless design and looks chic. If you have an old sewing machine at your disposal, you can convert it to a great table with wooden top for maximum use. The same way you can use old cycle gear for converting a simple chair to a recycled chair with minimal investment.

4. Golf club hanger

If forks are not your thing, then you can opt for golf club to make it the perfect coat hangers. Visit Sydney Copper Recycling for great scrap metal collection and you will find great quality golf clubs at cheap prices. Place it at your door entrance to give urban home vibes to your guests.

5. Industrial bathroom decor with old pipes

If you need an industrial makeover for your bathroom, then old pipes are the way to go. Use old metal sheets to convert them into centrepieces to highlight various parts of your bathroom. Instead of designer faucets, use garden taps for great results. Twist and connect the pipes for making them useful as well great for decor as per your needs.

6. Bicycle gear coasters

If you have sold your old bicycle but still have a few gears lying here and there, then it’s time to go hunting. Collect as many as you can or visit Sydney Copper Recycling for scrap metal collection in Sydney to get more gears and convert them into coasters.

Aside from this, you can use old bed springs to make wine holders and shabby lamp shades for unique decor look. Instead of spending too much money on centerpieces and artworks which seem abstract, let’s save our head-earned cash and put some effort for incredible results. With these unique ideas, bring out the best of your creativity and show your gang who is cool of them all. Good luck!

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