Don’t Forget The Little Things {Child to Cherish Review}

As a new mommy I always hear, “They grow up so fast.”  Even though my son is only 8 weeks old I feel like he IS growing up so fast.  He is getting so big, he is figuring out his hands, and starting to hold his head up.  It is weird though that it feels like just the other day that I was finding out I was pregnant.  Thank goodness for pictures.  I look at them all the time to see how he is changing and growing. There is another way though to look back and see how much your child has grown.  Child to Cherish, “designer Patrice Lowe, creates each of her items with a focus to capture precious moments in time to “preserve the innocence” of a child and make memories for a lifetime.”  These products make for the perfect present year round baby shower, baby birth, Mother’s Day, you name it!
Child to Cherish sent me  Tower of Time.

This is a really cool idea!!  There are 5 tins.  Each say “My (handprint) when I was…(number)”  Each is adorned with a cute little picture of a teddy bear.  Some also include a animal friend or two. Inside each tin is an individually wrapped amount of powder.  With water as the only ingredient needed, plaster is easy to make.  It will be like a toothpaste consistency.  Simply pour it into the tin, press your child’s hand into it, and wait for it to harden. The tins start at 4″ in diameter and work their way down to 6″.  Each tin carries just a bit more plaster, allowing all the tins to come out looking uniform in the end.

I think this is such a great idea.  I have decided that I am going to make it a birthday tradition with Beckham.  He got his first hand prints on his BIRTHday and for the next 5 years we will do plaster hand prints!  It is going to be so fun.  Plus as he gets bigger he will get more and more excited about it.  The first time his hand prints were done he wasn’t so happy about it. Another thing I like about the Tower of Time is that each tin has a little lip on it.  This lip sits under the bottom of the previous tin.  This allows the tins to stay nicely stacked and not falling off the dresser every time a drawer is shut.  Good thinkin’ The Tower of Time is available in three color sets, blue, pink, or multicolor.  It retails for $27.99.

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