Acne Treatment For Sensitive Skin Skinenergizer Acnetene Acne Treatment System Review

A year and a half ago, I started teaching my oldest daughter how to establish a routine when taking care of her skin.  We opted to use natural based formulations to avoid harmful chemicals, and for a time they worked well.  I’m so glad she got familiar with the routine because it would be helpful as puberty forced her into a stricter regimen.  As Miss M’s hormones have changed with the early signs of puberty, so too has her skin.  Pimples and blackheads have started appearing in patches on her forehead and chin.  She is athletic, so it doesn’t help that she perspires sweats a ton, too!  Up to this point she has used a variety of different products to help with acne, (I still aim to find those with natural ingredients), however nothing has eliminated or improved it for prolonged periods.

I remember getting zits around age 14 (slightly later than my daughter), and they took a toll on my self esteem.  Even though I would get one here or there, I felt like they were everywhere.  Maybe some of you can relate.  Big ugly zit = temptation to pick + use harsh cleansing products + conceal with non breathable makeup (hello,bacteria breeding ground!) = dry, flaky, ready for more zits to pop up, skin.   My experience has made me determined to help my daughter.  Through research, I’ve found that eliminating sugar (and highly processed foods) in the diet is helpful, and has worked quite well…….but try taking away all sugar from a tween/teen!!…..practically impossible.  When I had the chance for my daughter to test Acnetene® Acne Treatment System, a system with natural based ingredients appropriate for young sensitive skin, I was willing!Excellent for sensitive skin, Acnetene® acne treatments have been specifically developed with the most advanced natural-based ingredients to not only provide effective clearing of pimples and blemishes, but to improve tissue health by encouraging new tissue growth and providing non-clogging deep moisturization to dry and sore facial skin common with many acne medications. ~ Acnetene/ SkinEnergizer

I had M start out using the Acnetene system on just her chin at first, to see if we saw results, and avoid a bigger problem if we didn’t, but after 3 days, she started using it on the entire face because of the positive outcome!  I’m including before and after pictures so you can see her chin.  After a week and a half, a lot of the small pimple bumps were gone along with the blackheads.  She has had a few larger zits remain (although appearing to heal quickly), but I’d estimate that her skin is 75% more clear than it was.  She also has a healthy youthful glow to her skin, I believe from the PimplePaste exfoliant included with the kit.Here is how the Acnetene kit works: Start with the Acnewash, then exfoliate with PimplePaste, tone with PimplePads and Moisturize with ClearCream.I used the Acnewash once myself to see if it was drying….nope, I believe the witch hazel and lavender oil in the wash helps remove dirt without stripping skin of moisture. (Bonus:  I recently read that it’s actually better to use an oil based cleaner…..oils dissolve oils and doesn’t strip away natural moisture!?!).  The product also contains “Sebustop which has the ability to limit or reduce over-active secretions of sebaceous glands – a primary contributor to acne and pimples.-Acnetene”
Acnetene AcneWash does not use harsh or abrasive surfactants that can cause dryness, flaking or rashes- making it a perfect acne face wash if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to rashes, eczema and chronic outbreaks of blemishes.  Reduces oiliness and pore size by 50% and Kills up to 76% of harmful infection causing Staph and Acnes Bacterium bacteria.

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