Eat In 4 Minutes And No Dirty Dishes Minute Rice Steamers Review

Need a quick side dish or just a quick light meal?  Want to make it even better?  NO DISHES!!Minute Rice has a fantastic new product that is easy and SUPER yummy!  When I go to work, I eat a lot of frozen meals.  Not all of them are that good.  Minute has a quick answer to the question “What is there to eat?”“Minute® Steamers contain rice that is fully cooked in a convenient self-ventilating bag which makes it easy to have perfectly cooked, moist rice all the time.  How easy?Simply remove the bag from the freezer, place in your microwave and steam for 4 minutes. You don’t have to add anything, spend a long time cooking or dirty a pan. During the steaming process, the special self ventilating bag will inflate and then deflate when the bag is removed from the microwave.”

With seven different flavors, you are sure to find one that you will love!  It took me an extra minute to find them, they are in the freezer section.  In fact, I had to hit an extra store cuz my normal store doesn’t have them.  I am still looking for the mac and cheese one, I couldn’t find that one, but I am sure my kids would LOVE it and I would LOVE to have mac and cheese in 4 minutes with no clean up.  My favorite so far is the Broccoli and Cheese, it was super yum with a grilled chicken breast.  The bags serve 2, but they were so deli sh that I at the Spanish Rice as a meal, alone!  Give them a try, you will love em, too!

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