Custom Bling Flipflop Bottlecaps Review

I have 3 girls playing softball right now…a boy playing baseball and I am super glad that dance and football are over (for now).  We go to a lot of games and practices for the girls.  They love to play ball, but most importantly, they want to look “cute” while they play.  The rules are pretty strict on what you can and can’t wear.  The tiny girls can get away with just about anything, but the older they get, the stricter the rules.  Mia…she wears her purple cleats, sweat pants, and her jersey.  April…she likes to wear her mismatched socks and low pigtails so she can wear her catchers helmet.  Hailee…she is the fashion-ista…she wears her softball hair tie, “Killer Zombies” hoodie (that’s the name of her team), an occasional zebra bandanna,  and her bright colored socks.  But the newest addition to the uniforms are sleeve ties.   Flipflop Bottlecaps sent each of my girls a personalized set of softball sleeve ties.

Flipflop Bottlecaps is a darling Etsy store that has all kinds of fun blingy, personalized accessories.  It is run by Sherri and her daughter Joye.“My daughter, Joye (age 11) and I started this business about 2 years ago. Joye was making flip flops to help pass some time at my son’s baseball game. Everyone loved the flip flops and wanted to buy them. Thus, our business started. The two of us began selling our crafts at festivals and now we are so excited to have our own Etsy page. We are trying to save the earnings from our business for Joye’s college fund.This has been a very rewarding experience. Being able to spend time with Joye while doing something that we enjoy is wonderful.”I love that the entire business was started because #1- they were supporting their son/brother at his baseball games #2-they do it together!  What a great mother/daughter business venture!!The sleeve ties that Sherri and Joye sent my girls are SO cute!!   Each girl got a  great set of sleeve ties in bright, fun colors.  Not only are the colors personalize, but so are the centers.  Ours had a removable bottlecap pin in the middle with each of the girls names on them.  Because they were planning on wearing them for softball, our bottle caps are softballs.  I love the fact that they are removable.  Like I said, the little girls can wear just about anything, but Hailee had the umpire tell her that she could wear her sleeve ties, but had to remove the bottlecaps.  The sleeve ties are super easy to put on.  There is a velcro on the underneath to attach the sleeve ties to the shirt.

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