“I Speak For The Trees” {Lorax Movie Review}

If you haven’t been hit with the Lorax craze yet, wait til this weekend when the movie hits the theater! April and I were lucky enough to get to see a sneak preview of The Lorax!!  This was a super special treat for us!  April LOVES Dr. Seuss and had just check The Lorax book out at the library, so she knew the story forwards and backwards.  On the way to the theater, April talked non stop about how excited she was to see the movie and  told me the entire story…every last detail.  Once we arrived at the theater, she realized we were going to see our first 3D movie and her excitement about sent her through the roof. We got our popcorn, drinks, and 3D glasses and “patiently” awaited for the movie to start.

In the first few minutes of the movie, we were immediately pulled in with the beautiful, bright colors and the wonderful music!  We love kids movies and have see quite a few of them, but none of them compare to The Lorax’s color.  It had fantastically bright colors and things looked liked you could reach out and touch them.  The trees looked so soft and fluffy.  Even the Lorax’s mustache was fluffy! The not only was the story great, the colors bright, but the music was fantastic!  I super want the sound track!  There were also lots of great lines April keeps saying “Shut your mustache!” and “That’s a woman?!”  We laughed through the entire movie!

With character voices by Danny Devito, Zac Effron, Taylor Swift and Ed Helms you are pulled into one of Dr. Seuss’ classic books. Even though the little kids may not understand the idea behind the story (save the trees-they are good for the environment) but they are sure to love the show! April, who is 8, understood every last bit of the story. She talked the entire way home about how important trees were to us. She told me how the Once-ler should not have cut down all of the trees and when he did, it made it so no new air was produced.

She also “explained” the UNLESS rock to me.  That “unless” someone like Ted had come along, then nothing would have changed.  But also, “unless” the Once-ler told Ted the whole story about how all of the trees had been cut down, he would have never wanted to fix the problem.  She told me that even though she is just a little girl, she can change things, too.  They DO get it! This movie is a double super thumbs up!!  We love, LOVED it!! In fact, we are going again on Saturday…all the kids HAVE to see this one!

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