Stylin Littles Aven Clothing Review

My boy is my sunshine. He has such a wild personality and is so full of energy! I love finding clothing for him that matches his spunky personality; edgy, stylish, and all boy! It can be tricky to find really cool clothing for little boys, but as soon as I stumbled upon AVEN, I knew I hit the jackpot for my little man. AVEN has clothing that is stylish, dapper, and so unique!AVEN is a result of a combined vision between Angie Monson and Mitch Harris.  Angie, an accomplished family photographer, saw a need for another option for boys clothing as her clients expressed frustration in finding something for their children to wear.  In due time Mitch was introduced to Angie after returning to Utah from Los Angeles where he earned a degree in fashion design. Together they established AVEN in January Since the establishment Angie and Mitch have sought to bring an edgy, unique, street style for young boys and the savvy mom and shopper to the world of fashion. ~AVEN

I was so excited AVEN was sending my Hollis an item from their line and couldn’t wait to see what showed up in the mail! I was thrilled when the Brown Chinos arrived at our house right before Christmas; perfect timing as he wore them throughout the holiday season! The AVEN Brown Chinos are not like any other chinos I’ve seen out there for little boys. They have all sorts of unique features; several pockets, some with flaps, and even decorative rivets! They look so awesome on him and he when he is wearing them he is still able to run, jump, climb, and play, so I know they are very comfortable for him. AVEN offers the most stylish clothing for boys; pants, shirts, vests, jackets, and my favorite…suspenders!! Every item at AVEN has unique details and is incredibly high quality. If you are just now learning about AVEN, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Right now everything at AVEN is 30% off! Enter the code ’30off’ at checkout and receive 30% off your oder! So hop on over and start shopping for your little man…I’m off to grab Hollis some of those amazing suspenders!

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