Kid Friendly Bathroom Makeover Tips

Kids and personal hygiene don’t always get along so great. It’s a relationship that can really take its time to develop, but as a parent there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your child gives his or her cleanliness the attention it deserves. One of these ways is to build a connection between your kids and their bathroom! Making it an area in which they have a sense of pride (and a lot of fun) makes it all the more exciting for them to brush their teeth in the morning or get ready for school during the week. And luckily for you, there are plenty of easy ways that you and your kids can work on making your restroom a more fun and kid-friendly part of the house. This reaps double benefits, as you get to bond with your kids, while they bond with your home. Everybody wins! Of course, not all of these tips are things you and your kids can do together, but all of them will help make their lavatory a fun and kid-friendly place to get all clean.

For starters, painting is pleasure. Who doesn’t love to paint? Kids most certainly do. Breaking out the buckets and brushes is a wonderful way to add some personality and color to your bathroom, and probably the best way, at that. It’s also cheaper than investing in fancy fixtures or things that your kids ultimately won’t care about. Little ones respond to simple, yet stimulating things, like colors. Choosing some nice, bright ones to decorate your little ones’ lavatory will have them loving the time the spend getting ready for bed at night, and might even turn getting ready for events into less of an exercise in herding.Installing adjustable equipment is another great way to update your bathroom whilst also making it a bit more kid-friendly in the first place. Adjustable shower heads can be used to meet the needs of just about any individual who visits the bathroom, and things like bars and step stools can help kids access things that might be tough to reach or get to.Kids like to play during bathtime. If this is a surprise to you, give it a try and see how much easier bathing your kids gets. Understanding the placating value of bathtime fun can reduce a lot of stress with kids in the bathroom, so you’ll want a place to keep all those toys out of the way. Kid-friendly storage bins or cubbies are perfect for having a place to stash all his or her little playthings so that they’re at the ready next time bath time is set to commence. Just make sure everything is nice and dry before you go putting it away!It’s entirely too easy to make your bathroom over into a more kid-friendly place, and with just a few simple flourishes you’ll be easily creating a more fun environment for them. For larger projects that you can’t handle yourself, there are always companies like BathroomRenovationsPerth that can help with just about anything. Small ideas like the ones we mentioned, though, are a great way to bond with your kids and give your home a little extra color.

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