Rmrv Holiday Gifts Reading Glasses Anyone Clic Reading Glasses Review

My mom loves her reading glasses! In fact, I think she just might be a collector; she has readers all around her house, car, and in her purse in a rainbow of colors and several different wild and chic designs! When I saw the pretty readers from CliC Eyewear I knew she would love them and they would be a great and unique addition to her collection! CliC Eyewear has a magnetic closure on the bridge and continuous temples that form a wrap-around neck band. Place the flexible neckband around your head and the magnetic closure in the bridge will “clic” into place. The temple length will adjust an inch or so. Relax, CliC readers won’t slide down your nose or slip off if you happen to bend over a bit too far.

When you want to take them off, simply separate the eye pieces and let them hang around your neck. ~CliC Eyewear. Reading Glasses.com generously sent a pair of Tortoise Shell CliC Reader Magnetic Reading Glasses to my mom! When they arrived I coudln’t wait to give them to her. I wanted to try and hold off until Christmas, but just couldn’t wait! She was thrilled and so surprised when I gave them to her! She loved the pretty Tortoise Shell design and was immediately intrigued with this CliC design where the glasses come together and apart with a magnet closure at the nosepiece. She was so excited to wear them and commented on their sturdy and quality frame.

After wearing them for a few weeks at work and around the house she tells me she loves wearing her CliC Readers and loves how they hang around her neck when not in use {I have also seen them hanging from her rearview mirror in her car}. She also likes how the glasses don’t swing around and get caught on things like they would if they were on a neck chain when hanging around her neck. I know she is wearing them a lot and that they have truly become her favorite pair of readers. CliC Readers are available in a all sorts of colors, styles, and lens types; single vision full frame, single vision full frame, bifocal, bifocal sun reader, progressive no line bifocal, etc. CliC Readers are  are very affordable and you can order for yourself or a loved one at reading glasses.com this Holiday Season!

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