Six Must Haves for Your Living Room

If you were to redesign or re-plan your living room what are the things you would want to change? Still thinking about what you could do??  There are some things that every living room should have no matter what your style or design is. Still, don’t know what to do? Don’t worry here is our guide to the top six things you must have in your living room. Let’s have a look:


A vibrant green plant is something every living room should have. They are so versatile that they would suit any type of decor or style irrespective of the size of your living room. You just need to know the right type of plant that would suit your room. Money plants are an excellent choice as they are easy to maintain and elegant to look at. They add a positive vibe to the room with their greenish tinge. Make sure you don’t use big plants as they would require regular maintenance and eat into your space.

Side Tables

Keeping side tables in your room, that double up as seating space is a good option to make the room multi-functional. You can use them when you have guests over at your place and you need some extra space to get them seated. An expandable table is also a great space saver, as you can reduce its size when it’s not being used. You could also get products at online fair trade stores that are unique and beautifully designed.

Modular Seating

Does your living room fall short of sitting space? Well, sofas that have a partial separation are so much more convenient than traditional sofas. What you can do is separate the pieces and create multiple seating areas. Also, you could push them together to have one long couch where all can sit and enjoy the TV. You can chose the pieces, and create a shape and size to suit your living space. There are different designs and colours that would suit the decor of your living room too.

An embroidered cushion can add to the comfort of this modular seating and make it look more stylish. If you are innovative, then add some fancy blankets while you are cosy on the sofa while watching TV.

Comfortable Pillows

It’s always better to have pillows in your living room. Guests who come to your place might feel the need for some extra back support or might want to enjoy some extra cosiness. They will come in handy just in case. Comfortable pillows with a soft texture that feels cosy will make your living room look inviting and more appealing.

Coffee Table

If you are in need of some storage space to keep your bedding or pillows. You can opt for a hard surface coffee table with hidden storage that might be useful to store many of your things. A coffee table also makes your place look stylish and elegant. It’s the final detail that helps to bring all the pieces together in a room and makes the room feel complete.

Small Tray

A small tray could be handy and would make a wonderful addition to your living room. You can keep everything in one place and group all your things like the TV remote control, magazines and nic-nacks where you can easily find them. It will make everything look organised and arranged.

With the above things in mind, make your home a true reflection of your personality. After all the living room is the first impression that guests get of your home. These things will surely have a lasting impression.

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