Frustrated With Dirty Windows? 3 Approaches To Keep Your Windows Clean

Are you looking for professional window cleaning in Sydney? Do you have a tight budget? Is it too much work to accomplish?

Window cleaning is a tedious task, especially when you are cleaning the entire house. Window cleaning in high-rise houses is quite dangerous as well. But there are times when you have no other option to do it yourself, so you should be prepared for it too.

The need for window cleaning has increased due to increase in pollution and other climatic changes. Thunderstorms, rain-water and air pollution, leave stains on the window glass, which needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid permanent spots.

Check Out The Approaches to Window Cleaning

The following are three primary approaches to window cleaning as suggested by the best sydney gutter cleaning company:

Do it yourself

The conventional method is to clean it yourself. It is the most unfavourable option, but sometimes due to budget constraint, you have to get it done on your own. The following are some equipment that you need to have before getting on with it:

1. Bucket- It should be wide enough to fit the mop and squeegee in.

2. Squeegee- It is the most crucial tool of all. Wagtail is a preferred brand because of its high-quality. It consists of three parts: rubber, handle and channel.

3. Mop- It consists of two parts: t-bar and sleeve. The sleeve is used to scrub off tough marks. Prefer a water retention one to avoid soaking it constantly.

4. Scraper- It is used to get off touch marks, like paint, insect or varnish marks.

5. Detergent- It is the chemical that is used to keep the windows clean and shiny for a long time.

6. Poles or ladder- Poles are used to clean high-rise windows, and same is with a ladder. You can use either of them to get them shiny again.

7. Rags- It is usually an old towel, preferably a microfiber cloth, used to wipe watermarks (use it dry).

8. Tool belt- It is optional equipment, usually used by professional, as it allows you to fix a bucket, squeegee, mop and cloth on the belt; offering easy access while cleaning the window.

These components are enough to understand why is it considered too much to accomplish.

Hire a professional service 

The next approach is to hire a professional service that can get your work done for you. To hire the best services in town, you need to consider certain factors, such as:

1. Research thoroughly

Services in your area- You need to look for all the cleaning services available in your area, and find the one which offers the services that you require.

Reviews & recommendations- When you have shortlisted a few of those cleaning services, then you need to check their reviews to make sure if their services are good enough for you or not. Reviews and recommendations will allow you to know what the previous clients have to say about the quality of their work.

Price and other services- Once you have found the top 3 agencies, then you need to make sure that they fit within your budget, and if they provide any other cleaning services or not, like roof cleaning or curb cleaning, which will add to their appeal.

2. Put a number on it

You need to have a fixed budget because you may find tens of window cleaning services, but you cannot afford them all. So put a number of the task, and finalise a professional service accordingly.

3. Feedback is important

Overlooking their work is one thing, but you should also review their work after it is completed because just like you had testimonials which helped you find a good service, you should help others too. In addition to that, feedback will allow them to improve and provide you with better service the next time.

This might be more expensive than doing it yourself, but it is undoubtedly worth it because the professional service can do a far better job than you, as they are equipped with the right tools and chemicals to make your windows shiny and spot-free.

Install self-cleaning windows

The self-cleaning windows are the best because it takes away the tedious task completely. The technology used can be different in different windows, but the end goal is simple: it doesn’t allow dust to settle on the glass and uses water to clear off any dirt that is present. It can be adjusted as per requirements, which is why it is the most preferred option.

Most people prefer the second approach to avoid any hassles and ensure professional window cleaning.


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