5 Reasons to add an AGA Cooker to your kitchen ASAP!

An AGA cooker is very different from a conventional oven, in many aspects. You can describe it as the new generation cooker, which comes with its advanced features and stylish outlook. This is perfectly suited for city living, as well as for adorning your kitchen. All the AGA owners, who we know of, can’t imagine a life without their cookers; and soon, you will come to know why!

Be it an AGA or a Rangemaster, Mercury or Falcon ranger-cooker, cookers are the life of the kitchen. They allow you to make the best dishes for your family, and so, deserve to be taken care of in return. So, you should definitely call for good and efficient Aga rangemaster cooker services. AEM Range Cooker Services is one such company that you can blindly trust on, in case of your cookers. They have 15 years of experience and provide services such as cleaning, installing, servicing, repairing, and restoring of cookers. That covers about everything. Now having taken care of all that, let’s tell you why you should purchase an AGA cooker in the first place!

Highlighting the benefits of AGA Cookers

AGA cookers have a lot of uses dedicated to their names, some of which, we will be sharing with you down below. They are much more convenient than conventional ovens and surely deserve a place in your kitchen family. Not convinced yet? Well, we have all the evidence you will ever need. Read on.

1. Cooking Brilliance

You might be thinking that AGA’s are simply an aesthetic choice, but let us tell you about the benefit of brilliant cooking that come with it. There is no other oven that will literally get you the same taste. Cooking on cast iron, with the application of radiant heat is totally different to the drying heat provided by oven fans. Cooking on indirect radiant heat lets you cook at your own pace, without it getting ruined. So, it’s a forgiving cooker that will save even the careless of cooks.

2. Source of Warmth

These cookers are best suited for city living, as you can switch them off and on or keep it compartmentalized according to the day’s temperature. You can simply just keep on the baking oven on summer days, as even though it’s one oven, it’s a remarkable source of heat. During colder days, the AGA doubles up as a radiator as it cooks as well as heats up pretty well.

3. Design

 Generally, people choose the classic AGA colour of cream, but you can even go for racing green or pillar box red as per your choice. Also, new colours are coming out, such as the lemon or heather or the aqua blue models. If your kitchen is all neutral and boring, these are a perfect way of adding a dose of colour and drama.

4. Versatility

This is a quite versatile piece of kit, allowing you to make various kinds of dishes at one go. The three-door AGA cooker has a roasting oven, a baking oven, as well as a simmering oven. So, in short, you don’t need to get worked up with a rice cooker or a toaster or a pizza oven or a slow cooker or even a tumble dryer. Just fold and iron your clothes on the boiling and simmering plates.

5. Long-Lasting

The average expected lifetime of an AGA cooker is about 40 years. The casings made of cast iron along with the enamel finish is designed in a such a way that they last years on end and age beautifully. This is a much better alternative than plastic or chrome appliances.

So, these five are some of the most crucial factors, that make an AGA cooker what it is. They are hands down, a much more efficient option than a conventional oven. So, it’s giving you all the more reasons to upgrade to the AGA life.  And with nothing to worry about the servicing of your AGA cookers, what are you actually waiting for?


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