A Mouska Riffic Surprise

Beckham just turned 3 and for his birthday we got him a kid friendly tablet.  Prior to receiving a tablet every morning he would come in my room and get my phone.  Then he would head back to bed and play it for an hour while the rest of us finished sleeping.  Sounds great for mom right?  Well not quite.  #1 my phone always died by 10 am thanks to he YouTube Kids watching and #2 little brother, who shares a room with him, started waking up because Beckham would be watching these videos at full phone volume.  What was once cool quickly became not so cool.eKids has hero products that can fix situations like the one I was in.  eKids is “a distributor of cutting edge electronics in collaboration with Disney & iHome.”  They bring all our your family’s favorite Disney characters to life on iHome’s award-winning and innovative audio products.  They have “combined state-of-the-art technology developed by iHome with preeminent Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Phineas & Ferb, Kermit and Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The result is a line of fashion forward speaker systems, alarm clocks, headphones, ear buds and iPod and mp3 docks that appeal to Trendsetters of all ages looking for quality electronics featuring iconic characters they love.”

For my son’s 3rd birthday eKids sent him a pair of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse headphones to go along with his new tablet.  The Mouska-riffic Headphones are ideal for kids.  They feature everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey.  They are nice and padded and adjustable for even the littlest heads.  The built-in volume limiter makes listening safe for little mouse ears.  This is important to me because I know that even though he is in his room watching shows the volume can’t be turned up too high and hurt his little ears.These headphones were the perfect pair to his tablet.  Happy kid, happy mom.  Quiet kid, happy mom!  I can foresee putting these to a lot of use….in the car, at home, doctor appointments, etc.  THANK YOU eKIDS!  The Mouska-riffic Headphones retail for $19.99.

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