Monthly Makeup Must Have

I love makeup!  I think it is so fun to play with different colors and techniques.  I love getting all dolled up…even if I have no place to go.  It is pretty rare that you will see me using drugstore makeup.  I don’t like to reapply over and over.  Also I feel like if I spend just a little more not only does it last longer throughout the day but since you don’t have to apply as much in the first place the product actually stretches longer.  What if I told you you could get professional products delivered right to your door every month without paying professional prices!?  Awesome right?!

Starlooks is a monthly beauty box subscription service that gives you the chance to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price!  For only $15 a month you receive 3-4 FULL SIZED beauty products comparable to Makeup Forever, Sephora, M.A.C, Chanel, Dior, and other department store brands.  Other beauty box subscriptions often send sample size products and coupons for discounts on products.  You can pick up samples at the department store so these boxes don’t make as much sense as a Starbox that sends you 3-4 FULL SIZED products.Each Starbox ranges in value from $35-$99 but it is always $15/ month.  Each box is planned out by a creative team who looks as the fashion forecast and provides you with a box that is the complete look.  With Starlooks offering FULL SIZED products at such an affordable price, it is becoming one of the top beauty subscriptions in the world!  When their numbers increase, the price of shipping goes down.  Talk about great customer service!!

I received a great box from Starlooks.  It is a special edition featuring Ashley Hackman, Makeup Artist and YouTube sensation.  Ashley picked out three products that are great for everyday wear and for every person.Three great products were inside March’s Starbox.  Here is an up close look at each product.First I received Starlooks’ signature lipstick color, Boss.  It is a nice red and a tiny touch of orange color.  Don’t let the word “orange” scare you.  I just mean it isn’t a TRUE 100% red.  It has with a satin shimmer…shimmer, not glitter.  The shimmer just makes the lipstick attract light rather than be a flat matte.  It is a wonderfully moisturizing formula that doesn’t dry out your lips.  The color lasts for hours!  This color is timeless and is sure to look great on anyone.  Wear this with or without lip liner.  It doesn’t bleed or feather.  Normally this lipstick retails for $12.  $12 is a great deal for quality but for $15 you get 2 other products in addition to the lipstick!Next I received the Cherry Cedar lip pencil.  This is a classic red matte lip liner.   It glides on smoothly and doesn’t smudge as you wear it.  You can either line your lips with this before applying the Boss lipstick or fill in your lips and cover with the Boss lipstick.  The first way you will get a nice solid border that gives your lips added fullness.  The second will darken the color of the lipstick, creating a new shade.  Normally this retails for $12.  Now this box value is up to $24 yet it still cost just $15.

Lastly, I received the Black Hole longwear eye liner pot.  I LOVE eyeliner pots.  The product goes so far and stays on great!  In threw my last eyeliner pot away because I had it so long it dried up before I could use it all.  I usually use the MAC eye liner pot but I think this one is better.   It glides on nice and smooth and I don’t have to use as much as I did with MAC’s to get the look I want.  Now, my eyeliner is tattooed on but often times I still wear eyeliner.  Whether it is to make cat eyes or add darkness, I put color on over my tattoos.  I used this quick drying, matte eyeliner to create a slight cat eye look.  I think this is a staple product that should be in every girls makeup case.  It normally retails for $13.

Here is how I used the complete Starbox:

If you sign up for one monthly subscription box I would recommend Starlooks.  You receive PROFESSIONAL, FULL SIZED PRODUCTS at an AFFORDABLE price.  If you don’t love the color or product you received you won’t feel bad gifting it.  It isn’t like you are giving a little sample to someone and it isn’t like you are unloading your cheap junk that you didn’t want to use.  I would highly recommend considering signing up for next month’s Starbox.  It is a steal of a deal!!  (If you sign up before April 10th you will receive the April box.)

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