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Ever since Beckham was born I have wanted a video monitor for him.  I wanted to check and make sure he was okay, and that his covers were still on.  No as he has gotten bigger I have wondered what the heck is going on in there but I can’t open the door and peek in or I will disturb him.  Now that the boys are sharing rooms I have wanted a video monitor in their room even more.  I just have never known what features I want or what brand I should get.  I didn’t want to spend my money and ended up with regrets.

I am so glad I waited because I found a great video monitor!!  Gynoii is a new Smart Baby Monitor.  Designed in the US, Gynoii has so many wonderful features to help you keep an eye on your child.

I received a Gynoii monitor for review and can’t wait to share these fun features with you.

Time-Lapse Video–Time-Lapse Video allows you to take a long amount of time and speed it up into a short amount of time.  This is a great way to journal your child’s behind-the-scenes actions.  Watch them jump on the bed, climb out of bed, or what ever other “cute” things they are dong behind shut doors.  I love this feature because I can record and share all of my son’s silly actions without making people what minutes and minutes of footage.

Social Media Sharing–Gynoii uses the Gynoii Baby app (available in the App Store and in Google Play) and makes sharing your child’s antics easy and quick.  With a couple taps you can upload and share!  I recently did this on Instagram.  I posted a time-lapse video of the son getting in and out of bed when he was supposed to be going to sleep and I asked for advice from my friends.  It was nice and easy and I didn’t have to wait for any upload times.
Audio Only Mode–This mode allows you to use your phone or tablet with the app in the background.  You can hear your child without having to have the app open on the screen.  This is helpful to me because I need to use my phone for other things than just monitoring.
Lullaby–Gynoii allows you to play lullaby music for your child to help them go to sleep.  Adjust the volume to the perfect level for your child.  You can either use the music and sounds on the Gynoii Baby app or pick your child’s favorite from your device.  I have been using this option as a reward for good behavior.  I tell Beckham that if he gets ready for bed and hops in without having to be told over and over I will let him listen to music in bed.  I play the alphabet song, Frozen, and a couple of songs from The Wiggles.  He loves it!  It would also be a great way to calm a child down when they wake up.  Just a little soft music and watch the magic!
Day/ Night Vision–Day and Night Vision allows you to see your child no matter what the lighting is.  The camera automatically makes the change for you.  The night vision uses infrared lighting so your child will not be disturbed by a bright light.  I like this feature because I can see what is going on no matter the time of day.

Two-Way Talk–There is a great feature on Gynoii that allows you to talk to hear your child talking to you and you can talk back to them.  On the Gynoii Baby app just select ‘Talk” and start talking.  Unselect to hear them talk to you.  I like this feature because I can tell Beckham to turn the light off, get in bed, put the books down, or answer him when he is yelling for me.
Snapshots and Video Recording–This feature allows you to capture those sweet moments that happen behind closed doors.  Singing, playing with stuffed friends, and climbing out of the crib can all be recorded.  Sweet blanket cuddling, silly sleeping positions, and chewing on toes can all be photographed.  These memories are all stored on your device and not on a cloud so you don’t have to pay for anything!  I like being able to capture these memories.  I wish I had this in my life sooner.
Sound and Motion Alert–Once baby is sleeping you don’t have to have your app running to be able to keep an eye on your child.  Set the app to alert you when there is motion or sound.  Don’t worry you won’t get alerts with every little tiny sound or motion.  There has to be a certain amount before you get alerted on your device.  I like to use this feature when I am in the basement and can’t hear my boys as well as I can when I am upstairs.
Remote View/Multiple Viewers–Because this monitor uses an app it allows you to share your username and password with others so they can monitor too.  This is great if you are using the app on multiple devices or with multiple users.  My husband and I both have this app on our phones.  He can peek in and say good night when he is out of town.  Share the username and password with your babysitter and they can monitor the kids while you are on your hot date.
Easy Setup–The Gynoii was SUPER easy to set up.  Just pull it out of the box, download the app, scan the code, set up your account, and you are done!  Place the camera anywhere in the room….hanging or standing.
So many great features all in one video monitor! 
This camera sells on the Gynoii site for $129.99.  You can also find it on Amazon right now for $91.34 with Free Shipping!  Video monitors range from $80-$250 so this is a great affordable option with tons of features.

Set Gynoii on a dresser or shelf, attach it to a wall, or clip it to a crib.  There are so many ways to use it that it is sure to work in your space!
A few things to be aware of.  You must have a smart device to use this.  This goes hand in hand with the Gynoii Baby app (which you download for free).  Without the app you can’t see what is going on.  Also you must have wi-fi.  This camera syncs up to your wi-fi.  Your device doesn’t have to be hooked up to the wi-fi to see what is going on but the camera does need it.
If I could make some changes to it there would only be 2.  The first would be I would love to be able to pan with it so I can see more of what is going on it the room.  This isn’t a deal breaker but it is a nice feature that I would love to have.  The other would be that the plug doesn’t stick out so far from the wall.  The place I want to put it in the room would make it so it plugs in behind the dresser.  The way the plugs sits though makes it so my dresser sticks out from the wall.  I had to get a power strip to plug it in to so I could put the camera in the area of the room I wanted.

Another great thing about this camera is you can use multiple cameras together.  I like the camera so much I am going to be purchasing one so I can monitor both boys.  Since Blake is in he crib and not able to stand up yet I want to get another one to have focused right into his crib.  Then when I am using the app I can just swipe back and forth between the two cameras!
Gynoii is Real Mom approved and recommended!
Gynoii is going to be hosting a giveaway soon.  To get prepared for it and to score extra entries, leave a comment below telling us which feature would be your favorite!

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