Win A Second Honeymoon!!

Thirteen years ago I married my best friend.  When I think back to our wedding I can’t help but remember my favorite part (besides our vows of commitment)………the HONEYMOON!!!  What a relief it was to have all the wedding planning behind us. No more opinions to deal with……no more stress.  We flew off to Disney after the wedding, a childhood dream for both of us, and proceeded to have 4 fun, fabulously free-spirited days.  What if I told you that you could relive the magic of your honeymoon again by winning a second honeymoon?!?  Well, you can, by entering Modern Greetings “Take Us Away”contest.

Over the next several weeks Modern Greetings will be holding 4 unique contests through social media that require you to complete tasks like sharing a funny photo or pinning pictures on Pinterest.  The prize for the winner of each contest is a Second Honeymoon Trip to the destination of their choice (up to $3,000)!!!! Sound amazing……yep, I think so!  Check out the video below. Ready to enter? Simply head on over to Modern Greetings and sign up by entering your email address (be sure your logged in to your Facebook account so you’ll be directed to the right screen).  Once on the Modern Greetings Facebook page, become a fan by liking them, which gives access to the contest entry submission form and further details.

Woohoo….you’re one step closer to a fabulous honeymoon vacation!! Good Luck! Contestants enter a funny wedding photo and share their entry to get votes. The entry with the most votes wins. Each contest will have a Grand Prize winner. The winning couple for each contest will win a trip to the destination of their choice up to $3,000, that can be used towards airfare, hotel, rental car, dining out, and additional expenses. Winners will also receive a professionally designed photo book for them to showcase their trip, so make sure you take lots of pictures! Participation in all contests is not required. Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, all participants will receive a $5 voucher, good towards any purchase on so everybody wins!

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