Better Is Better

I do not like cleaning. I am not going to say I “hate” it because I like the outcome but I don’t love the time and effort it takes to clean.  Can’t it just STAY clean?One thing about being pregnant that has its pros and cons is an increased sense of smell.  It is nice because I smell everyday things stronger, making them more enjoyable.  I get to smell the things I take for granted even more.  It stinks (no pun intended) when it comes to changing dirty diapers, taking out the trash, and cleaning.  Why cleaning?  Because cleaners have such a strong chemical smell and strong fumes that I end up gagging and feeling sick. Better Life makes cleaning better and more enjoyable!  They have introduced the world to a “new line of all natural, safe cleaning products that truly work.”  “From all-purpose cleaner, to wood polish and glass cleaner, to lotions, hand soap and produce wash, Better Life’s products are plant derived and are cruelty, fragrance, sulfate and petroleum free.” Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank!!

As a pregnant woman, mom, and pet owner I really appreciate when a product is natural and safe.  Typical cleaners leave behind a residue which can be toxic.  Pets walk around and then lick their paws.  Kids put their fingers, and anything else for that matter, in their mouth.  When a cleaner leaves reside behind it can be dangerous for the ones we love the most.  With Better Life products I can rest easily knowing that the cleaners I am using aren’t toxic, are all natural, and safe to use around pets and children.  PLUS!  They don’t have fumes that make me choke and gag. Better Life sent me the Shark Kit to test out.  This kit includes Dish It Out, Simply Floored, What-EVER! all purpose cleaner, Even The Kitchen Sink, and a General purpose microfiber cloth.  These are all the products demonstrated on Shark Tank and they ROCK!  They made me excited to clean…don’t tell my hubby I said that. I started with the What-EVER! cleaner and cleaned out the litter box.  (My puppy is litter box trained.)  I was comforted to know it was safe around pets but is strong enough to do the trick.  Then I grabbed the microfiber cloth and took it over to the hood of the oven.  You know, that sticky, greasy film on top.  It took it off easily!  Then I used it on the kitchen counters.

It didn’t leave behind any streaks or residue.  It truly is an all purpose cleaner that you can count on to do the trick.  Not to mention it won’t make you gag.  The microfiber cloth was nice because I didn’t have to go through paper towel after paper towel.  It washes up nice and is ready to use again. Next I used the Even The Kitchen Sink.  It waited all week until my toilet we good and gross and put it to the test.  Just squirt a little around the bowl and easily clean the bowl.  Before I used this product I peeled the seal off the top of the bottle and the pressure change made it pop a little.  A few spots of product got on my face and shirt.  I didn’t stress though because it is all natural and non-toxic.  Of course I wiped it off but I didn’t have to stress about it.  Even the product that got on my shirt cleaned off and didn’t discolor my clothing.  This has been a problem in the past.  I have “cleaning clothes” that have bleach spot on it from toilet bowl cleaner splashing on me.  Better Life didn’t ruin my skin or my clothes…only ruined the gross in the toilet!

Next I used the Dish It Out.  It got nice and sudsy (it that a word?)….it bubbled up nicely!  I love the smell of this dish detergent.  It smelled like a spa….NO JOKE!  it reminds me of when I get a massage.  The sage and citrus is amazing!  I won’t complain while doing the dishes again.  To make it even better, it did the job and didn’t dry out my hands. Lastly, I used the Simply Floored.  We recently redid out kitchen floor, changing it from tile to wood.  This is an easy to use product on BOTH tile and wood…even laminate, marble, and vinyl.  I just squirted it on and mopped with a damp mop.  It was nice to not have to scrub and then rinse.  Just squirt and mop.  It smelled like heaven…citrus and mint.  Suddenly cleaning under my little guys highchair didn’t seem so bad.  I even did a little experiment.  I mopped my floor with a popular cleaning product I recently bought at Target for $5.99 then I mopped over my “clean” floor with Simply Floored, retails for $6.99.  Look how much dirt came off my floor after I had just mopped.  I would say Simply Floored does a MUCH BETTER job than the popular brand.

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