Blown Over

High maintenance beauty routines are not in my nature.  I definitely want to look presentable everyday, but my time as a mom is better spent organizing and enjoying my family’s life rather than primping in front of the mirror. (……I’ll leave the primping to my teenage daughter Keeping my beauty routine efficient is key.  It requires the right tools.  Karmin has them!  Who would have known that a quality, professional blow dryer would reduce the time it takes me to fix my hair by half!!  Seriously, can you imagine;  if I save just 10 minutes each morning, that means I have an extra hour and 10 minutes a week to get done whatever else I need to!

The Karmin Salon Series Hair Dryer I received not only gives me back time using its Electronic Ion Generator to speed dry my hair, but it also adds shine and softness.  Being lightweight, I don’t have as much arm fatigue in holding it either.  It does cost quite a bit more that my basic hair dryer did, but as the ole’ saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  This dryer is well worth the price.  Since it is a professional grade hair dryer you can expect it to last up to 10 times longer than inexpensive versions.  If hair stylists use these day in and day out on hundreds of customers, imagine its lifespan when just used on you and your family.

See the Karmin Salon Series Hair Dryer in action below (Bare with me; being on camera is not my strong suit :

I am thrilled to save time getting myself ready in the morning with Karmin’s Salon Series Hair Dryer.  I know we often want what we don’t have…..for me, it would be nice to have hair that would look nice as it drys on its own, but that isn’t my case, so I depend on the right tools to get my hair in shape.  Thank you Karmin for making my morning beauty routine more efficient.

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