Fancy Feet Fall

I love the fall. I love everything about it….the cool crisp air, warm and comfy clothes, and pumpkin flavored everything!  I am sooo ready for autumn, especially after this ridiculously hot summer. I want to pull out different clothes and go for a drive up the canyon. OOOO! I am giddy just thinking about it.Sweaters, leggings, jackets, and jeans….but wait!  Don’t forget boots!  I LOVE boots. There is a cute way that you can make your fall fashion and boots even cuter.  Grace and Lace!Grace and Lace is a wonderful Etsy shop that sells that cutest and coziest boot socks, leg warmers, scarfs, and more!  Everything is so cute you will have a hard time picking out your favorite.  I know I did!  I looked for a good hour before I finally came up with my top 3.  It was a tough choice.  You see, I have never owned boot socks.  In fact, I struggle with finding boots.  I was a national award winning tap dancer as a child.

Therefore I have the most muscular thighs, calves, ankles, and feet. Not my favorite feature, but they are mine and represent a very fun and memory filled time in my life.  Because of these tree trunks, I have a hard time finding boots and socks that will fit over my calves. Grace and Lace has a LARGE SELECTION for the muscularly endowed. I received the Dainty Lacey socks in black.They are a super soft, open knit, chevron herringbone patterned sock…meaning you can see your skin/jeans/leggings through the tiny holes. They are very stretchy…just what these calves call for.  They feature ivory lace and 2 faux ivory buttons on each sock. My calves are 17″ t the widest point and at the top are 16″. Although the description says that they can stretch to 20″ in circumference I don’t think I could get 4 more inches out of the top…perhaps the calve but not by my knee. Because of these I am not able to tuck my jeans into them (like the cuff above shows). I can get leggings on under them and that is about it. They are still cute and can also work for much smaller legs.

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