Leather Jacket

leather jacket does not go outdated when it comes to style and fashion; apparently, it has gained an iconic status.  Those who are fashionable, trendy and hip are mostly associated with a leather jacket.  Hence, a leather jacket is not only for the cold climate anymore, it eventually emerged as a kind of style that can be used anytime of the season.

Leather Jacket at a Glance

A leather jacket is usually worn by big bikers; army, air force and navy people, and policemen, among others.  Now, it is being used by celebrities, models and those who are keeping up with the latest trends and fashion.  With the versatility of the leather jacket, it evolved from the classic style to the custom made design. The materials used are as follows—calfskin, buckskin, chamois, pigskin, goatskin, lizard skin, cowhide, ostrich and suede.  A leather jacket is usually zipped or buttoned, waist length or hip length in terms of size, also comes in trench coats, collarless designs have also emerged, and it comes in a wide range of colours such as black, brown, gray and pink, among others.

Kinds of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets can be used for utility or for fashion.  If it is primarily used for utility, the main purpose of the leather jacket is to offer protection to the user.  The latter does not offer much because it is only used to primarily look fashionably good.

Designs of Leather Jackets

With the iconic status that a leather jacket currently possesses, designers have indeed come up with a number of ways to design a leather jacket to make it more trendy and hip.  A leather jacket can be waxed, embossed, distressed, accentuated with fur, fringed, and single- or double-breasted, among others.


Nowadays, a leather jacket dictates the kind of social status and lifestyle of the wearer.  Good quality leather jackets are quite expensive because they will certainly last for a lifetime.


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