Venetian plaster: Basic misconceptions you need to get out of your head

When getting your house renovated or built from scratch, thinking of every fine detail can be complicated. From doors paint shades to wall finishes, there is too much to cover. Since we are already talking about wall finishes, choosing the right plaster for your home can be a tedious task. However, even the most popular options have numerous myths following their trail. For full disclosure on Venetian plasters and their myths, read on.

Before we go ahead, take a look at all the possible options which you can use for your home or office.

  1. Granite plaster- Granite makes a beautiful kitchen and bathroom countertops. That being said, you can use granite plaster for that subtle wall finish which will beautifully complement the rest of the room decor. For the most impeccable finish, polish it and enjoy the results.
  2. Caen stone- Coming with the texture of real limestone and made by mixing a variety of materials, Caen stone can give the desired look on your accent walls. It can last up to 50 years and is easy to replace if need be.

What is Venetian plaster?

Now coming to the trending pick of the day, consisting of acrylics, VOCs and resins, Venetian plasters are the perfect example of high standard beautiful wall finishes. After applying a paint-like substance, it is polished for an amazing high sheen. From mirror look to bold finishes, the plaster can be reapplied and polished multiple times for desired results. Opt for it to give your wall a unique finish which will stay put for a great deal of time.

Common misconceptions regarding venetian plasters

1. It looks unkempt

The other word to describe its meaning would be tacky. This is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding polished plaster. To get the best results, hire a trusted firm, and the let experts take care of polished plaster in London for you.

2. It is costly

Not really an item of news, but it has been heard a million times that Venetian plaster is an expensive affair. Well, the truth be told, Venetian plaster is expensive than paint finishes. However, they serve as the right choice in the long run. No need to re-apply every few years and a strong resistance towards mold is an added benefit.

3. Limited styles available

Do you know since how long we have been using polished plasters to create modern gorgeous wall finishes? Well, it’s been over a hundred years, and if you still feel that we don’t have enough styles, think again. With Venetian plaster, the possibilities never come to an end because of its legendary ability to imitate concrete and metal. Working with the experts will help get you a better idea regarding the same.

4. Does not work in wet places

This statement is not entirely true. With new products added in the range of polished plaster such as marmorino plaster, Stucco Veneziano and more, wet places are not a problem anymore. Such materials can be efficiently used in spaces like spas, showers and swimming pools, thanks to the micro-cement technology.

5. Polished plaster is only for walls

Well, polished plaster is primarily used for walls but with the new ranges launched in polished plaster, its time to bid farewell to such misconceptions. Micro cement, now being used in this category, is a reliable alternative which allows it to be efficiently utilized for floors as well. Whether it is a low-traffic area or a high-traffic area, Venetian plaster won’t serve as a disappointment to you.

With the right materials being used by the professionals for a distinguished look, achieving high-quality results won’t be a problem. Kick the misconceptions out of the window and embrace the advantages of polished plaster today.

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