4 ways to Prep for your Family’s Professional Photo Shoot!

If you are like most people, then it’s been a zillion times when you have actually thought about a family portrait session, but the idea just couldn’t materialise. Too busy, need to have your hair done, want to lose 5 pounds, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page — the reasons are countless. We have heard it all. Sadly, it just doesn’t happen.

But we think it’s finally time for you to go for the big shot! It has many advantages. For starters, you don’t have to worry about your friend cutting off someone’s head or legs when asked to take a photo, or may be the uncertainty and hassle of using a camera’s self-timer option. Hiring a pro is having it all sorted and totally convenient. So, if you want to book for family photography in Brisbane, Dianna Photographywelcomes you to their studio. They will ensure that you get the photos which you want and deserve. So, let’s get prepping!

Big Tips to Help you Prep for the Big Day

These tips are definitely going to come handy when you and your family are prepping up for the big day. A pro photo shoot can stretch over an hour or two, including various backdrops, poses, and candid frames etc. These give you all the more opportunity of capturing a photo which you will display proudly and treasure for years to come. So, let’s see how you can get ready for the big day, shall we?

1. Treat the portrait session as an event

It’s important that you don’t show up to this event without forethought. Book for a session when everyone in the family can come relaxed, unhurried, and looking fresh as ever. Book a day when everyone is off work and school. Get your kids excited about the big day by promising them an ice cream treat afterwards. Plan haircuts and other pampering sessions at the salon much in advance, so that all members of the family can turn up looking their very best.

2. Keep your outfits planned

Plan out your clothes in advance, but you don’t necessarily need to stress out or lose sleep over it. You can simply coordinate outfits according to a common colour scheme. Or you can decide to go completely neutral, so that the focus remains on happy faces. Try on all the outfits in advance, and take your own version of family portrait at home. This way, you will have plenty of time to change around if things don’t work out as planned. Also, don’t mix too much of bright colours or go for clashing colour palettes, keep it well-balanced.

3. Prepare the Kids 

Both families as well as family portraits are enhanced by the presence of kids. But, they can be a troublesome to handle, at least sometimes. That’s precisely why you should be prepared for any xyz emergency. Feed them and allow them to take their naps prior to the shoot. Keep some treats in hand, to bribe them with, so that they are on their best behaviour. Bring their favourite toys to comfort them and allow them to run about to get their energy out in between location changes.

4. Be in a Good Mood

And most importantly, make sure to be happy and it will consequently show on your face. If you are stressed out, or in a bad mood, even the best of lighting or the talented of photographers can’t save your photos. So make sure to go with the flow, and in case things don’t happen your way, don’t let them bug you.

So, prepare yourself and your family for a happy and relaxed family event. It’s all about the way you create a beautiful and memorable moment together. And the photographer’s job is to simply capture the magic in that moment.

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