The Different Kinds of Kitchen Worktops you can choose from!

The right kitchen worktop can do wonders to any kitchen. It plays a crucial role in the overall finish and look of the kitchen. Kitchen worktops should be chosen based on both performances, as well as appearance. These take the brunt of all those daily kitchen tasks such as chopping, cutting, slicing etc., as well as having hot pans and vessels placed over it.

But these also play a very important part, in adding look and value to the kitchen. So you should definitely choose one which has both the durability factor as well as the visual outlook. Being a resident of London, no matter whether you are planning a complete re-design of the kitchen, or you want to just spruce up things a bit, all you need are the best kitchen worktops in LondonKitchen Connections provide you just that and even more. They have an experience of 25 years in the field of manufacturing, retailing kitchens, appliances and their installations.

Various types of kitchen worktops you can choose from

There are quite a few types of kitchen worktops that you can choose from, depending on the needs and wants of your kitchen. When it comes to taking your pick, appearance is probably the first thing you consider. And you aren’t wrong in doing so. After all, it’s all about going for the best kitchen design throughout London. So, let’s tell you about the different types of kitchen worktops in a bit more detail:


Wood is a timeless material when it comes to kitchen worktops, and offers warmth and texture like no other. It provides your kitchen with traditional and rustic vibes. Also, they are relatively easy to install as well as repair. It’s also one of the cost-effective kitchen surface solutions. You just need to oil it on a regular basis and reinforce the sealant (which will avoid water and heat damage).

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen worktops not only look very sleek and modern, but also are super easy to clean as they don’t stain. Its inherent durability is making its popularity rise with each passing day. Although, it should also be kept in mind that, these surfaces tend to show marks, scratches and greasiness. It is also subjected to dents because of high stressful cooking activities.


Undeniably, one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktops has to be granite. With different shades and patterns mixed in one, each one has something different to offer. They are super tough and durable, resistant to heat and add an impressive touch to any kitchen. As bonus points, it also adds an attractive sparkle and shine in the light. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?.

Engineered Stone

Glossy, matte, flecked or sparkly are just few of the multiple finishes, that one can choose from, in case of engineered stone kitchen worktops. If you are looking for a jet black, sparkly or a glossy white kitchen-top to complement your contemporary kitchen décor, well this is the one for you. It’s made from a high percentage of crushed quartz along with resin and the consistency of the colour is maintained throughout the material. It’s just that care should be taken to protect the surface from any kind of permanent damage.


This is the best cost-effective way of achieving a wood-like finish for your kitchen worktops. They come in either glossy or matte finish. It comes in a wide variety of styles and designs and is an easy and inexpensive option to go for. Though, it’s not the most durable of materials.

So, these were the most common and popular kinds of kitchen worktops that people generally choose from. You already might have made up your mind and chosen a favourite from the list. Whichever kind you may choose, kitchen worktops enhance the look of a kitchen anyhow. Naturally, they rightfully deserve a place in every kitchen all over the world.

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