The Go Anywhere Chair

As Fall is here, I’ve been thinking about what we are going to do for our holiday travelling. Both mine and Hubby’s parents live out of town, so we always travel for Thanksgiving and then again for the Christmas holidays. I love going to see family, but what I don’t love is having to take half the house with me when we go. I am always on the lookout for ways to pare down what I have to pack and how to make getting to said destination smooth and easy. I stumbled upon something that you will love as much as I do! Raise your hand if you get frustrated when you are out and about… or on the road, and you need to stop to eat, or sit or whatever and there isn’t a highchair at the restaurant you are at!!BEYOND.FRUSTRATING!! Inevitably you end up trying to keep baby on your lap while trying to feed yourself, them,  and any other older sibling that may still need help too… and forget it if you are travelling alone. At that point you may as well just skip getting out to stretch legs and everyone eat in the car…different story!! I was given the chance to try out the Porta Chair from BambinOz and this is a parents answer to keeping some sanity while out or traveling, or anywhere you need to strap your little one in  but only have regular chairs to use.

Great for travel, dining out, or when simply visiting a friend’s house, the Porta Chair goes where you go because it’s compact, lightweight and small enough to fit in the bottom of a baby bag or stroller.The innovative award-winning design is easy to use and fits all chair styles. It’s also great way to keep children secure when you are traveling through busy airports or malls when there’s no highchair in sight.~BambinOzI was super excited to see this in action. There are detailed instructions for how to use it, although once you look at the pictures, it’s pretty self explanitory on how to use it. I love that it fit my super tall chair backs, so I’m pretty sure it will fit any other chair we try it on. If you have a younger, baby, rest assured. It holds them in secure so you don’t need to worry about them tipping over. Cleaning is a snap. Simply throw in the washer for easy peasy cleaning. I will definitely be taking this baby with me when it’s time to do Christmas shopping if I end up having to take Lady with me. I love how compact it is! Super easy to throw in the diaper bag or purse!

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