Top 5 activities to bring your team closer for better efficiency

If we consider the 8 to 9 hours of the five days a week collectively, we will realise what major portion of our lives we have spent with our colleagues in our office. It is a huge time, at times more than you spend with your family but to make the time worth cherishing is what is more important.

If you are the manager/leader of a team, your greatest responsibility is to make sure that your team is happy and close knit. If anyone in the team is spreading negativity, you are sure to have a team of troublemakers in some time. Not just the official work that you are supposed to do as a manager, but also you are entitled to conduct events, both official and unofficial, to bring harmony in the team and to make sure that all members of the team are on the same page.

In such situations, various team leaders and managers take the help of team building ideas and activities, both the indoor and outdoor ones, to provide the much needed break to his or her team. These activities also act as the ice breaker for the new inclusions in the team and helps them to make friends.

Let us have a look at a few team building activities that can make your team the best team ever in terms of collaboration and unity.

Treasure hunt

this is one of the most popular ways to bring your team closer! Remember, this was also one of the most repeated games of the college annual fest? There have come in a few variations though! You can have a tablet treasure hunt, or a treasure hunt around the city or maybe just in the office premises. Well, you must be knowing the rules, but we can repeat it for you- split the team in a group of 3 or 4 individuals, place clues at various spots in the concerned area and let them begin the hunt!

Team trip to a close by destination

nothing can bind you closer other than travelling together! Plan a trip with your team members to a tourist destination which can be covered in a weekend, for obvious reasons! Your team trip will let you know about the team members more and help you create memories with them that are unique. You will learn who is the best mimic in the team, the melodiest singer and the drunk dancer in the team! Make use of all these traits in the subsequent parties.

Meditation sessions

this one way is becoming popular in many corporate offices owing to the intense performance pressure that the employees have to bear in the conglomerates. If you think that your team members are getting cranky and are unable to focus on the work, you might try this measure! Call your team for a morning yoga and meditation session, followed by a sumptuous breakfast and see the magic unfurl! We bet, there cannot be a better Sunday morning for your employees!

Cooking sessions

it is said that cooking is a great stress buster! And yes, when you bond over food, the bond is never going to break. So why not let your team hustle in the kitchen and have a blast. Call them all for a meal and divide the three courses in three teams. Let them all try their hand at their favourite dishes and rest assured of the fabulous dinner or lunch you are going to get!

Escape rooms

this is the extreme test of coordination and teamwork. Take your team for a escape room task and sit back and watch the fun! Your team will be divided in two smaller groups, all of them separately locked up in various rooms which will open after all the clues put together. They are supposed to finish the task in an hour to win it.


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