7 Tips To Nail Your Headshot Game

Headshots are a great way of getting out in the business world and showing your strong presence in the field. Undoubtedly, you need a trained and professional photographer in Sydney to portray you brilliantly in a headshot, but your pose matters the most here. Here are 7 solid tips which will help you get the best and effective headshots every time.

  • Let your eyes talk

Online you will be getting clicked on and people will get to know you with the headshot they see, let your eyes talk to them. People do notice your facial expressions, but the first thing that catches their attention is your eyes. Let your eyes communicate with others and since your eyes are the doorway to your personality, make sure they seem engaging in every photo.

  • Avoid being generic

Do not go for the monotonous headshot photos. They are a real turn off these days. People like to see creativity, and they like to see some effort, so instead of standing straight in front of the camera, think of some other angles which are intriguing. You may shift your weight to one side of the body, for example, or even change your head position for a different approach but avoid facing straight towards the camera.

  • Practice hand placement

Hands need to be relaxed and placed well in a headshot. Avoid making fists and if your hands are placed on your hips or waist, make sure they are open and directed upwards. If your hand is visible below your waist, then keep your fingers placed downwards. Also, if you have your hands in your pocket then make sure that at least one finger is showing. With these tips, you can never go wrong with your hand placement.

  • Smile, but not too loud

A smile is the most beautiful asset that you can showcase in your headshot but making it too loud might not work well for you. When it comes to professional headshots in Sydney, it’s better to keep your smile to a decent level which will complement the whole picture frame and help show your eyes lit up.

  • Makeup and hair are important

Makeup and hair are significant aspects of a headshot, especially if you want to get a good one. Since you are getting clicked for professional purposes, going overboard with your hair and makeup is not advisable. Opt for subtle natural looks. Use makeup to make your skin look even toned and slightly glowing and for your hair, try silk smooth straight hair or some lazy beach waves can work as well, depending on your attire.

  • Glasses or no glasses?

Undoubtedly, there are a majority of people who opt for glasses for their professional headshots for a geeky look, but hey, it’s not mandatory. If you have decided to go for a headshot with glasses, make sure they are spotless because even the minutest of fingerprints or other stains become extremely visible in high-resolution images. Also, push back your glasses for better face look.

  • Chin placement is critical

It is very common for people to get shot with a double chin because the camera placement is not in sync with your head position. Irrespective of the camera angle, always remember that you need to maintain some space between your neck and chin to avoid double chin effect. Even though it might feel unnatural and awkward to you, but once the photos come in, you will surely thank us for this tip.

Before going in front of the camera, it’s always better to practice a bit so you can get it right on the first take. Don’t forget to rehearse in front of a mirror before the final shot. Use these tips and nail your headshots Sydney style and game!

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