Tips on dealing with rat biting problems in the car

As unbelievable as it may sound, rats can get into your car, chew up your upholstery, your electronics and of course, decorate the interior with their ‘leavings’ as well. The fact is that the common rat and mice can get into extremely tiny, cramped quarters and use the same to try and enter your car. Rodents usually do not like to nest within a car especially if you tend to use it daily to commute to work. But if you have parked your car within your garage for extended periods of time, then they can try and break into your car. There are various measures that you can undertake to prevent this from happening.

  • Remove all traces of food from the car: Before heading out for a vacation or before parking your car in a garage for extended periods of time, make sure that you remove all traces of food from your car. Rodents are initially attracted towards your car on account of the same, so make sure that all food particulates are removed, and that you give your car a thorough clean up. Check out the various “cash for used cars” and you should be able to witness firsthand the sort of damage that a rodent infestation can cause to your car.
  • Clean up the immediate environment: Before you agree to park your vehicle in a particular place you may want to check out the immediate surroundings. Make sure that you remove excess shrubbery and sanitize the environment so that rodents have little or no place to hide in. Once you have sanitized the immediate environment, you should be able to park your car safely.
  • Block small entrances to the engine compartment: Rats often climb wheels to access the small tiny areas that let into the engine compartment. You can take some measures by blocking these small areas so that the rats cannot get to the engine. You can also place rat traps around the car, so as to trap any inquisitive rat.
  • Use electronic devices: Rats are sensitive to ultra sound, so you can place devices around your car that emit ultra sounds, which should help keep the rat away. Additionally, you can also use devices that emit strobe lighting to do the same. There are more than a few devices so make sure that you check them out before opting for the right one to better protect your car.
  • Rat traps: It is advisable not to use rat poison as that could result in the rat expiring in your car. This could result in your car being unusable for long periods of time. You may even have to start searching online for ‘scrap metal Newcastle NSW”. So when using rat traps, try to opt for effective rat traps that do not use poison as bait. A better method to avoid any rat infestation is to lend the car to one of your friends and to make sure that the rats do not get into your car.

These are some of the methods by which you can prevent the rats from gaining entry to your car and preventing rat infestation. Once a rat has gained entry inside your car, you should be able to spot immediate signs as the rat often bites across

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