How to Remove Alcohol Stains From Upholstery


Who doesn’t love house parties? If you are planning to host a drinking house party soon, make sure you read this article.

Alcohol comes in a variety of colours and flavours. Think of all the mixers that can be used from tomato juice to cranberry juice to heavy cream. With many house parties, there is a chance that liquor may be flowing. Along with planning the party, it is important to plan ahead for any spills that may take place. The spill could be from a cocktail, a beer or a straight shot. Removing them from upholstery may not be very difficult, but it helps to be prepared.

Cleaning Tips

For cleaning stains from your upholstery, the most essential thing is to try to respond quickly. Use a white towel to absorb as much alcohol as possible as soon as it happens. Remove the moisture by applying gentle pressure to the area. Make sure that you do not rub the area or use force. Rubbing the area will push the alcohol stains further into the fabric and possibly into the carpet or upholstery.

Cleaning Agents

The next course of action is to choose the correct cleaning agent to remove the alcohol stain. You should always keep some in your house as the spills that are cleaned immediately are more easily removed than those left to dry. The alcohol stains left to dry, penetrate deeper into the fabric and attract dirt and grease. So buy commercial spot cleaners recommended by the furniture manufacturer beforehand. You can also seek help from trusted professionals for upholstery cleaning in Adelaide. If you do not get the chance to purchase the cleaner before the spill, do not panic. Go for a mild homemade one, mix one cup of water with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one teaspoon of the liquid dishwasher and you are good to go. The white vinegar will remove the odor of the spill. You can also spray a coat of club soda on your upholstery.

Some More Tips

After applying the cleaning solution, let it sit for some time. After a few minutes, blot with a clean towel till the stain vanishes. Then rinse the area thoroughly with clear water and dry it well. This step is crucial, as residual cleaners can further cause recurring stains, and wet upholstery has the potential to grow mold. Be sure to blot the damp area with a dry white towel. You can also call cleaning professionals to speed the drying time. These professionals use machines with powerful suctioning for attracting more water leaving your carpet drier.

If you are using club soda, leave it overnight to dry and vacuum in the morning.

Professional Cleaning

To achieve the best results, contact a professional for upholstery and carpet cleaning in Adelaide. The expert can discuss with you about the severity of the alcohol stains. Not only will he know how to handle each fabric properly but he will also make sure that no damage is caused to your furniture. The technician can also handle stubborn upholstery stains like those caused by wine or a mixed drink.

Upholstery Cleaning Companies use specialised cleaners that do not attract dirt after drying. Even furniture manufacturers recommend a certified cleaning company for getting the services done.


Like most stains, an alcohol stain doesn’t just look bad but also leaves an odor. So, it is important to take care of the spill as soon as it happens. Simple alcohol stains can usually be removed by blotting it with a white towel and then blotting it with cold water until the stain disappears. In the case of deep-rooted stains contact a professional cleaning company and get them removed without any hassle.

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