Treats With A Conscience

Halloween is over. What does that mean? The rest of the year is practically over in my book. Once November hits it seems like time literally speeds up as the Holidays approach. And once Thanksgiving is here? Forget about it! In a blink Christmas is here, New Year’s has come and gone and I’m longing to get past January with Spring Fever itching on my heels. But lets not get too a head of ourselves! What else does Halloween being over mean? Mountains of Halloween Candy! That may or may not be a good thing in your house! We let Lady go this year for the first time, which was almost two years sooner than when Peanut got to go…alas, the benefits of being a second child! They both had a blast and despite me not trying to encourage her to catch on to how the whole trick or treating thing works, by the end of the night she had almost half the amount of Candy that Peanut had and insisted on getting to pick her own treats out!

While I enjoy dipping into the stash, we definitely won’t be letting our kids eat very much of their booty! ;)…  But I found something that far surpasses any treat we got on Halloween. Alter Eco sent me a box of their Salted Caramel Truffles and Sea Salt Truffles, and I have been reaching for them WAY more than any thing from a Halloween bucket. This treat is for grown ups!

Crafted with high quality Ecuadorian dark chocolate, and filled with a super smooth filling with a hint of salt, these guys are ADDICTING!!
The sweet, rich deliciousness we all love is no longer just good–it can be really, really good for you. Have it both ways. First, savor the subtle crunch of Ecuadorian dark chocolate studded with mouth-watering Fleur de Sel de Guérande. Then melt away with a smooth-as-silk creamy chocolate center made with nourishing coconut oil.~Alter Eco
I was so excited to try these and I am in LOVE! The filling is so super smooth from the coconut oil, it instantly starts to melt if you even put your finger to the filling.

And the sea salt flavor is so subtle, but every now and then you get just a hint in the bite… SO GOOD!!! These are definitely not for sharing… at least not in my book! I may or may not have hidden them from everyone! I also really love that they are made with ingredients that I actually understand like Cane sugar, cacao beans, coconut oil, cocoa butter, whole milk, sea salt, natural flavors, vanilla beans. (That’s the ingredient list!) They are also made using sustainable products and methods, and the wrapper is even compostable! So not only can I feel good about indulging in them, they are easy on the environment!

If you want to get your hands on some of these little gems or have a dark chocolate connoisseur on your Christmas list, you can find them at select natural stores around the country as well as select online retailers online. (Just do a search for Alter Eco and you’ll find them! ) Thanks Alter Eco! Here’s to healthy and responsible indulging!

Audrey is a massage therapist, a mother of two, & loves running. Wanna know more about the Real Moms Team? click here.

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