Top 5 Things To Check Before Buying A Grandfather Clock

We are all fascinated by grandfather clocks, also known as longcase clocks. But nothing is more fascinating than the opportunity to purchase an element so vintage. However you should be very cautious when buying a grandfather clock for sale, in Australia as it can actually pave way for some financial risks. The mechanical movement in these antique longcase clocks have been around for years and people love them. They are beautiful, monumental, antique, and enhances the elegance of your abode, but they are costly and that’s the reason you should be very cautious when purchasing one of these.

Risk of buying defected Grandfather Clock

These clocks may require a lot of maintenance and repair if not purchased from a reliable source. Therefore, it’s better to procure some knowledge about these clocks before buying one. For someone with a wide experience in terms of clocks, buying a long case clock could be a treacherous gamble. Buying a defected piece will cost you a lot more in terms of repair and restoration.

Things to Consider before buying a clock

When you are looking to buy a grandfather clock in Australia or anywhere else, there are mainly these five things you should look into :

  1. There must not be any flaw in the movement of the dial, after this condition has been met with, take a good look at the appearance of the clock case.
    Look thoroughly, see if any parts are missing or damaged – for eg. whether the base has been cut down to fit a room with low ceiling.
    Check the final finish of the clock for any splitting or cracking caused due to exposure to direct sunlight. Although these are very minute things, the cost of restoration can increase your overall investment.
  2. Look  carefully for any missing or damaged parts of the clock furniture. Check whether the door is working smoothly or not. Also, check escutcheons, locks and hood pillar caps.
  3. Check if the case hood is properly fitting the case. Look for gaps which surely mean that the cases have been exchanged.
  4. After you have taken off the hood, inspect the trunk cheeks- this is the top portion of the trunk. Make sure that no part has been altered or no blocks have been added, this too can be a sign of marry up i.e. the wrong movement in the wrong case.
  5. Open the trunk door and take a good look at the backboard. Look for the height of grandfather clock -if it suits your needs. The  pendulum must be positioned properly. If there are any scratches due to the movement of pendulum, this means that there is an ill-fitting and is a sure sign of alteration.

Beware of the fake clock

When purchasing a grandfather clock, the main trouble you can face is counterfeit. Many dealers use duplicate, flawed, or any altered product to earn their share of profit. Sometimes the very complex and internal parts of the original clock is replaced by the duplicate one. These clocks never run for a long period of time, and will require restoration from time to time, hence increasing their long-term cost.


When buying a grandfather clock in Australia, we would suggest you go to a reputable clock dealer to be on the safer side. While some local dealers could provide you with some options at a cheaper rate than others, they may give you flawed products. These products aren’t usually genuine, and will cost you three times its actual price, in the process of restoration and repair.

Consider all these points, keep it in mind, and you are set to buy a Grandfather clock without any worries!

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