Nursery Decorating Tips For A Set Of Boy Girl Twins

Every time a baby is born a miracle happens. And, if you are someone who was blessed enough to have twins, this means double the miracle—and double a whole lot of other things. Double the lack of sleep. Double the finances that must be spent. And double the amount of creativity that must be used in order to decorate their room; especially if your twins consist of a boy and a girl.Don’t fret, though. You’re already a supermom just by being able to carry and birth those bundles of joy. All you need to do is take a moment to review this list and use that nesting energy to put a plan into action. Before you know it, the nursery will be done and you’ll be able to rest easy. Well, relatively speaking.
Pick a neutral color. This tip might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people think that “salmon” or “baby blue” is a neutral shade. Instead, think about soft earth tones or shades of yellow or greens. Colors that say “a boy and a girl share this space and we put some forethought into that”.You can pick neutral themes too. Some parents like themes while others don’t. But if you are someone who wants to put up border or have some sort of a “streamline look” when it comes to decorations, Noah’s Ark, Winnie the Pooh or Sesame Street characters are all gender-neutral ideas that you can incorporate.

Split the room in two. Just because the room is a particular color, that doesn’t mean that all of the decorations have to be neutral. If there are two cribs on opposite sides, decorate your daughter’s side with “girly things” and your son with “boy items”. For instance, walls need love, right? If you wanted to put their first picture or feet prints up, you can frame your daughter’s in pinks or pearls and your sons in blues or boats.Don’t buy two of everything. Twins are definitely a reason to be excited, but don’t let it show in your back account. Do you need two beds? Yes. Do your children need two sets of clothing? Well, outside of onesies (which is what they’ll be wearing for a while), yes. Does there need to be two rocking chairs or changing tables in their bedroom or do they need their own packets of diapers and toiletries, though? Probably not. The thing to keep in mind is that just because you have two babies, that doesn’t mean that they specifically need two of every single thing. Only buy two things if it’s a legitimate need.Be open to switching up. As your children begin to grow, they will show signs of their personalities. Don’t think that just because you started off with one “look” that you have to stick to that forever. Maybe you’ll want to switch up to a barn theme or an underwater one, or maybe even something with more of an eco-friendly approach. You have had a lot of adjustments to make in taking on a set of boy/girl twins, so room decorations shouldn’t be something to stress you out. If you see a look that better suits your babies, simply go with the flow.

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