5 Essential tips to follow: Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

Is your carpet losing its shine? Does it look weary and tired? If yes, find yourself a professional carpet cleaner with good industry knowledge and experience to help you blow in some life in your tired looking carpet. A perfectly cleaned and maintained carpet helps in keeping good air quality at your house.

Listed below are some of the essential tips to follow when cleaning a carpet

1. Inspection

Primarily, a professional carpet cleaner is sure to inspect the condition of your carpet and the level of cleaning it will require. After a thorough inspection of the carpet condition, cross-checking its use, age, and therefore, choosing the right cleaning technique and method for a 100 % cleaning of the carpets.

2. Pre Vacuuming

Once the inspection process is complete, pre-vacuuming of the carpet needs to be carried out rigorously. Most of the professional carpet cleaning companies use an automated vacuum cleaner that will completely suck out all the soil and dirt stuck on to the carpet. Some of the most famous carpet cleaners in Canberra have always advised using an upright vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning of the carpet.

3. Use soil extractor

Soil Extractors are mostly used for heavily soiled carpets losing its shine over the time. A soil extractor works on the principle of automated suction technology. It extracts all the leftover soil and dirt particles on the carpet.

Benefits of using a rotary soil extractor :

  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact
  3. User-Friendly, also comes with a user manual.
  4. Efficient extractor due to a fixed rotation speed

4. Pre Spraying

This is one of the most neglected parts of an efficient carpet cleaning process. Once the pre-vacuuming process is over, use carpet sprayer and put it evenly over the entire surface area. Let it rest for sometime. It is always advised to use chemical free and an environmentally friendly carpet sprayer for better results leading to a healthy environment.

Why use carpet sprayers?

  1. It is the preconditioning state of the carpet.
  2. It gives chemicals time to work on the carpet helping in easy cleaning of the carpet.
  3. It also reduces the residue content of the carpet.

5. Extract and Rinse  

It is now the final time to extract and rinse the carpet and see the magic happening right in front of your eyes. Rinse out the carpet for any dirt and see the carpet shining just like you bought it yesterday. A professional carpet steam cleaner will ensure complete extraction of cleaning solution from the carpet leaving no residue for good hygiene in the house.

These are some of the important tips and steps that are followed during a carpet cleaning process. With the right cleaning equipment and tools, quality workmanship and good industry knowledge, a professional cleaning company is a must to be hired for an efficient and hassle-free cleaning of your carpet.

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