Top 5 Relaxation Techniques For New Moms

Bringing home a baby is certainly cause for celebration, and you’ll no doubt feel overjoyed to finally have your newborn out of your body and in your arms. But if you’re being honest, there’s a pretty steep learning curve for motherhood, especially with your first baby – everything is new! And no matter how many books you read about what to expect, nothing can prepare you for the smell of a diaper, the adrenaline rush every time your baby’s high-pitched wail wakes you from a dead sleep, or the absolute frustration of trying to get a baby to latch on (luckily, there are coaches for this last one). Add in a decided lack of shut-eye and you can see why many new moms reach their wits end within days of bringing home their bundle of joy. But it does get better. You just have to find ways to hold out until you learn the ropes and get your newborn on a schedule that allows you some time to sleep. So here are a few techniques that should help you to get some R&R in the meantime.

Nap time with baby. The vast majority of new moms harbor a fear of napping with their newborn, thinking that in their heightened state of exhaustion they might roll over and crush their infant. But this is fairly unlikely. And napping in separate spaces can definitely decrease the amount of sleep that both you and your baby enjoy. So think about pairing feedings with nap time. A breastfeeding coach can show you how to lie on your side so that your baby can fall asleep feeding and you can catch a few winks along the way. It’s a great way to bond with your baby, increase the amount of rest you receive, and reduce stress all at the same time.Shared responsibility. While you might think that the majority of feeding duty falls to you simply because you’re the food source, there are certainly ways to split the duty with your spouse. By expressing (i.e. pumping) breast milk before you go to bed you can prepare a bottle so that you and your partner can trade off on feedings throughout the night, potentially allowing both of you to double up on your current sleep time. This will help you to increase your state of relaxation and focus during your waking hours, which can only mean good things for the entire household.Ask for help. Aside from your spouse, there are likely family and friends that would be more than happy to give you a break by taking over baby patrol for a while. This could allow you to get a full night’s rest here and there (a definite luxury for most new parents), run some errands, or (gasp) enjoy a date night. Your own mother and mother-in-law are great choices for this type of favor, although siblings, extended family, and your local support network of friends may also be tapped so that you can get some relief.

Diet and exercise. What you eat and your level of activity can have a marked impact on your stress level. Since you want to eat a balanced and nutritious diet for your baby’s sake anyway, sticking to healthy choices is practically a given (and this is good news for your own state of well-being). But you should also make an effort to get your baby in the stroller for a walk or jog on a daily basis. This can not only help you to shed baby weight more quickly, but it can also boost energy, reduce stress, and contribute to deeper sleep. And don’t forget about the benefits of mood-boosting serotonin.Massage. If all else fails, hand the baby off to your spouse for a few hours and head to the best spa in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, or your local environs for a little tenderizing. You’ll come home relaxed, refreshed, and ready to resume your motherly duties.

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