The 5 innovative uses for railway sleepers

If you are the kind of person who has worked on a great many projects in general, surely you will be constantly on the lookout for versatile products and building blocks that can be used and paired with many other things. Although this may sound strange to some people out there, railway sleepers are one of the best options out there. There are a great many applications that railways sleepers can be used in, such as planters to raised beds to even waiter features and retaining walls. No matter what you think, you certainly cannot deny the fact that the sheer versatility of the material itself is quite unmatched. Not to mention the fact that one can acquire it for an extremely affordable price as well.

Innovative Uses For Railway Sleepers

The underlying point is whether you acquire a couple of hardwood railway sleepers by Interlink LTD or any other service, they are quite the nifty material to have around at times. They have a very rustic look as well, making them a refreshing change from the usual brick or stone look. There is really no limit to the various creative uses that they have across the board and one can use them inside and outside the house to great effect. So the next time you think about giving your home or garden a much-needed facelift or any other related work, do keep in mind the top five most inventive uses for railways sleepers:-

1. A dividing fence within your garden

 For a big and well-spaced out garden, there is nothing better than having a properly located feature fence in your garden. Plus, if you are the kind who has a lot of guests over, this could be the perfect way to delineate one specific section of the garden that would lead to the creation of two different zones.

2. An ornate driveway

 Once you lay out all the sleepers to their full length just like you lay out tiles, you will be able to create a sleek and beautifully laid-out driveway in the vicinity of your home. Plus you can embed and lay them out in specific patterns of your personal choice.

3. Stepping stones

 Now this is one trend that is yet to go out of fashion even after all these years. And it’s not hard to see why. Be it for practice or their specific charm, they have always been a good and needful addition to any garden out there. And what better way to to do it that to use sublimely crafted railway sleepers? Not only will they be helpful, but long lasting as well, due to the sheer quality of the railway sleepers.

4. The option of an exterior feature wall

 This is sure to give your garden a unique and refreshing look, making it stand out from the norm. Make sure that the sleepers are exquisitely seasoned and then cover one section of a garden wall with them. If this is thoroughly planned out from an architectural point of view, you will be rather pleased to see the results at the end.

5. A rustic garden look By using sleepers as a border edging in a vertical position

an authentic beach look can be created. Plus, in order to have a varying edge, do make sure of the fact that there is a difference of an inch or two in the length of the sleepers. Even flower beds can be used for wonderful effect in this scenario. 

At the end of the day, one cannot deny the fact that there is a very earthy, natural and raw beauty that railways sleepers exude plus they can be treated with oil and varnish to make sure that they stay in top condition. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that they are nothing more than old timber – With a bit of care and patience, you will truly be surprised at the number of uses that they can potentially have in your space.

Now that we have talked a great deal about the innovative uses of railway sleepers, it is ultimately up to you whether you want to use them anywhere in the vicinity of your home or not. Plus, they come in a large variety of different materials as well. Apart from timber being one of the most common, you will also find pine, spruce and oak sleepers of all shapes and sizes. You can be absolutely certain of the fact that any properly established and professional supplies service will have all the choicest railway sleepers to offer to you.

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