It’s Time to Bust the Myths on Venetian Plaster!

Traditional plasters have come a long way! It is now available in various hues and textures and has been quite popular recently. Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, is basically an upgraded form of traditional Italian plaster finishes. They are mainly applied on ceilings and walls to give an outlook of polished limestone, travertine or marble.  Venetian plaster is generally applied over a base coat or primer. The number of layers applied varies from one to four. The finishing touch is given with a special kind of steel trowel to give a glass like sheen. They are finally sealed with a protective wax layer.

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Various Misconceptions on Venetian Plaster

The usage of Venetian plaster in London is quite popular. Due to this, there are various misconceptions regarding its usage and benefits. Misconceptions are mainly spread by people who have just half knowledge and no first-hand information. Thus if you choose to believe them, you will miss out on many great things! Here are various misconceptions on Venetian plaster:

It’s too expensive

Like most misconceptions are, this statement is also half true. It is correct that applying Venetian plaster is more expensive than just painted finish. However, Venetian plaster is a lifelong investment. Whereas paint has to be reapplied after a couple of years as they tend to fade away. On the other hand, Venetian plaster will stay on strong and retain its sheen for a very long period. It contains slaked lime which prevents growth of mould. They are also extremely sturdy and flexible which prevents it from cracking.

It’s tacky

Many people find Venetian plaster unkempt and tacky. To start with, one’s choice is one’s opinion. It cannot be the same for everyone. Moreover, they come in various look, finish and textures. There is wide range of Venetian plaster types and it is highly unlikely that none of them will catch your eyes. With innovative ideas, new and highly modern designs are coming up each day which is everything but tacky!

Can’t be used in wet areas

Some Venetian plasters cannot be applied in wet areas as they might get ruined. However certain types of this plater are especially used in bathrooms, shower and pools to give unique finish. This type of Venetian plasters remains unaffected by water and doesn’t get ruined easily.

It is only for walls

This is the most common myth regarding Venetian plaster. People think they are not strong enough material that can be used on the floor. However, this is not the case. Venetian plasters are extremely strong and sturdy and are especially used on kitchen and pool floors. They hold themselves together tightly and don’t get cracked easily.

You can apply it yourself

This statement is not false completely. However, there will always be a huge difference between the end result of your work and that done by a professional. You would want only the best for your house and taking risk is not advisable. Thus, it is always better to hire a professional who has the required set of skill to carry out the task perfectly.

These are the few misconceptions regarding Venetian plaster. If you really wanted to give it a try but all these myths were holding you back, then it’s high time for you to ditch them. Just go for it and you will be highly surprised with the end result!

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