5 Great Reasons to Install a Strip Door!

If you are wondering what a strip door is, well chances are that you might have seen them when you were around a walk-in-freezer or a beer cooler. Yes, remember those clear curtains or rather clear vinyl strips hanging in the doorway? Yep, those are what are known as a strip door or a strip curtain etc. They are a much economical choice when it comes to separating two spaces, and are generally used in cooler and freezer applications. Also, they are known for offering protection against elements like noise, wind, dust etc.

They are basically a practical and inexpensive solution to reduce unwanted contamination, increase productivity, and add a sense of comfort and privacy to the worker’s space. They can also be used to partition areas of a large warehouse and to separate industrial activities. They also keep out insects and flies while inviting in customers. So, it’s definitely a good idea if you are thinking of getting your workstation strip doors. Austcold Industries are an independently operated business, and supplies PVC strip curtains since 2000. They are known for their high-quality products and customer satisfaction all over Australia.

Why you should consider installing PVC strip curtains

So, when you need a door that will be durable, economical and stand up to endless hours of constant use, it’s time to go for a PVC strip door. Thankfully for you, these doors made up of plastic strips come in a variety of colours, and all you need to do is order your strip door according to the height and width of your doorway. It shall be delivered very soon — and with such an easy installation process, you will have your new door in place in no time. But, before ordering, see why you should consider these doors in the first place.

  • Energy control: These doors are long lasting, reliable, cost-efficient, and low maintenance. They are the most inexpensive option if you want to stop energy loss or keep in heat in a controlled temperature setting such as cool rooms, freezers etc. Even an AC building has heat/cold loss and can be controlled with a strip door, as it’s always closed. It only opens up to the size of the object entering.
  • Keeps out noise: Noise isolation is yet another benefit of PVC door. These doors keep out the noise of equipment, work stations, loading docks etc. from the other adjoining work spaces. They have been proved to reduce noise and you could even cancel out the street noise along with being inviting for your clientele.
  • Restricts air pollutants: These doors help to keep out pollutants like dust, smoke, dirt, draughts, fumes etc. So, these help to create a much cleaner and healthier work environment. They avoid the movement of such contaminants from one workspace to another. You could cover openings and still allow technician/ employee pass- troughs with the help of these doors.
  • Employee-comforting: These doors help to maintain an easy access and incoming of natural light into your work station. It also helps to keep the temperature and humidity under control, making it a comfortable work space for your employees. And consequently, it leads to increased production from your staff. It also saves up on time as the transparent nature offers excellent visibility. So, the chances of collisions are prevented, and there are no delays while doors are kept open or closed.
  • Insect control: These doors help to create a perfect barrier between the external and internal areas and in no way can insects, flies, vermin, birds, pests can cross through. So, this helps to prevent all the contamination problems (even if it’s the food industry), even if your stocks are left uncovered. And what’s better? You don’t have to sacrifice on natural light and no trouble of opening/closing doors.

So, PVC strip curtains are a simple, effective cost-efficient barrier. These provide an extra layer of protection. The above reasons give a quite clear picture as to why you should install these doors and we are pretty sure we have you convinced. Isn’t that right?

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