Want to keep your home pest free:Follow 6 easy steps!

By the time you notice a rodent, cockroach or other insect crawling through your home, it may already be too late. The sign of a single pest can indicate a much larger problem.

Pest control services can help determine the scope of your problem as well as help you establish a plan to minimize the chances that pests will return.

However can take some steps at your end towards making your home pest free:

Check Doors and Windows

Perhaps a cool breeze flowing through your home is what you crave after a long summer. However, if you’re the type to leave doors and windows open in your home, you should install screens or inspect existing screens for tears. Pests and especially insects can attack your home by bypassing faulty screens. Simply addressing these damaged screens could be a game-changer in your pest control battle.

Look for the exterior of your house

The easiest way for pests to gain access to your home is through small cracks in your exterior walls. Most rodents are incredibly flexible and can bend their bodies to fit through tight spaces. In fact, mice can squeeze through dime-shaped holes, while raccoons and similarly sized pests can fit through six-inch-wide openings.

To combat these invasions, check your exterior walls for light or air flow coming through cracks.

Check your yard

A well-manicured lawn also helps keep pests away from your home. Anytime that yard debris including twigs, branches, and leaves piles up near your home or grass grows too long, insects and rodents abound. Trimmed grass, pulled weeds, and minimal yard debris will help keep your pest population under control.

Another thing to remember is that when plants and shrubs are planted too close to homes, pests have a much easier time making the most of their opportunities to dart through open windows and doors. It makes a big difference if your yard plants are at least two feet away from the house. A commercial pest control service could get this job done effortlessly.

Make seasonal checks

Rodents seek shelter during cold winter months, so it’s important to check your homes for areas that may be susceptible to entry by tiny animals. Even small cracks in the foundation or small holes in the roof can be an invitation to squirrels, mice and other animals and bugs to enter your home. Cleaners at Rockhampton provides professional easy service in getting the job done.

Clean the kitchen

Clear food from all surfaces, clean dishes every night, and sweep floors of crumbs. To pests, your kitchen could be perceived as a buffet if you are not diligent in keeping it free of food that’s easily accessible.

Inspect your Appliances

If you’ve recently had a new dishwasher, washing machine, or another large appliance installed or repaired, it’s a good idea to check for unsealed spots. Whenever an appliance is repaired or installed, and especially when plumbing or electrical work is involved, double-check to ensure that your home isn’t left with holes where pests can sneak through. Remember that mice can fit through dime-size holes, and no hole is too small to patch or seal.

If in doubt you can take help of Rockhampton pest control services and this professional help will guide you to the process.

Get a head start on fighting back against the region’s pest invaders this fall with these tips outlined above. If it’s an infestation that you can treat with over-the-counter products or do-it-yourself techniques, then that’s the best course of action. However, sometimes it’s best to recognize when you should leave the pests to the professionals.

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