How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

It cannot be easy to clean outside windows that are too high for you to reach. It isn’t easy to find the right way to do the job. Consider safety, height, and special equipment. Next, you will need to plan.

Consider the weather forecast first, and then choose a day that suits you. The cleaning solution will not dry quickly if it is too hot or sunny. Because of the sun’s rays, it may leave stains that you didn’t notice. Cleaning high windows will take you longer because of the additional obstacles such as equipment, height, awareness of falling down ladders, etc. It is best to wash the windows on a cool, cloudy day.

Clear the area around windows first. Remove and clean any screens that have been installed. If possible, remove any obstructions that may block your view of the frames and window panes like shutters or bars. Anything that could be damaged, such as flower pots and garden furniture, toys for children, vehicles, etc., should be moved. Plan ahead about which windows you will clean and whether you will use a ladder, an extension pole, or both. To make things easier, you might be able to remove some windows and wash them on the ground.

How do you clean the outside of your windows?

You can use a ladder to clean ground-floor windows if you’re in good physical condition. To improve safety and prevent damage to the surface, you can attach anti-slip ladder pads.

An extendable pole, mop, and homemade window cleaner are safer and more efficient ways to clean windows. You can clean windows from the second floor with the non-professional telescopic pole. This will reduce the risk of damaging your property and putting your health at risk.

What cleaning supplies do you need?

  • Broom with long handle/Vacuum cleaner
  • Telescopic window cleaning kit with a rubber blade and strip washer.
  • Bucket;
  • Warm water
  • White vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid

How do you clean the upstairs windows without using a ladder?

Choose a day when there is no rain forecast and little sun. A few clouds will make it easier to clean your windows. It will take you at least an hour to clean the windows outside, so choose wisely when and how long. Wet weather can make it impossible for windows to dry naturally and may cause them to get dirty again.

Once you have chosen the day, get all your tools and go outside to listen to some music or the radio. Then, start cleaning.

  1. Use a vacuum to clean the area around the windows. For higher windows, use a broom with long handles. Remove all cobwebs and debris before you wash the windows with a solution.
  2. Warm water, 500 ml white vinegar, and 250 ml washing solution is all you need. Allow the strip washer to soak in the bucket for about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Attach the strip washer to an extension pole and clean the entire window using the cleaning solution. To remove all dirt, scrub the entire surface. The strip washer should be moved from the corner of the window to the top.
  4. After cleaning the entire window with the cleaning solution applied, remove the strip washer and use the squeegee for any dirt or debris. The squeegee should be placed in the upper corner of the window. Use even strokes to bring the squeegee down to the bottom frame. As you push the squeegee down, apply even pressure. Between wipes, clean it with a microfiber cloth. You can use the squeegee until any water is gone.
  5. Use a dry strip washer to remove excess water from frames. This will ensure that there are no water spots on the surface.
  6. Allow the windows to air dry. You can wash the windows with the strip washer or the squeegee if you find any spots that are not covered by the glass.

How do you clean high-up windows from the inside?

You will need to be more resourceful when cleaning your windows outside of a block of flats. It is a stunning view, but you must keep your windows spotless to enjoy it. It can be annoying to see dirt and grime on the glass.

It’s not worth putting your safety and health at risk by trying to clean these high windows. It is unsafe to climb on them or hang out of them to clean the corners. There are safer and more effective ways to make them shine.

You can get modern cleaning technology if your windows are high or if you live in high-rise buildings. The U-shaped, telescopic window cleaner pole is the simplest and most affordable. This pole is ideal for exterior cleaning and can be used to clean top-floor windows.

There are many models of robot window cleaners on the market, which can be quite expensive. Their popularity has increased in recent years, and their quality has also improved. You should choose a higher-quality cleaning robot with a higher price range if you are looking for high quality window cleaning.

Magnetic window cleaners are a more affordable option. This requires your participation. The process is not as automated as the robots that clean the panes automatically. It is not always possible to get perfect results. There may still be some dirt. You may have to use the magnet cleaners several times to clean the entire glass.

These techniques do not include cleaning the window frames. To wash the frames, you will need to use a telescopic pole.

Is it worth the effort, time, and risk of cleaning windows from high up?

How can professional window cleaners assist you?

High windows can be difficult to clean. Not everyone has the tools or the ability. We won’t talk about how to climb out of windows and wash them yourself, as that would be reckless.

You have one choice: to rely on a professional window cleaning company. They are equipped with the necessary equipment and have the training to do the job. They can clean the windows from the ground depending on how high the building is and the height of the windows. They can send a rope access team to clean your windows, or they can do the job inside your home.

Professional window cleaning in poole will ensure your safety and save you time. You will also have sparkling windows. If your windows are difficult to clean, you should not put your health at risk or cause damage. You can still clean your windows with the help of professional service providers and technological advances in home maintenance.


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