How to Choose a Reliable Event Planner Organizer

Event planning and management is both an exciting yet stressful job. Organising an event requires undivided attention to all the important aspects like furniture set up, flowers, marquee, party hire in Perth etc. Whether you have a big party coming up or a small family gathering, choosing a reliable event planner is a must.

Listed below are some of the important points to follow when choosing a reliable event planner :

1. Research, research and research

Do your homework. Research, research and research for some of the potential event planners around you. Make sure you address all the important points in your research work. Do not just rely on word of mouth instead keep your research strong and affirmative.

Things to include in your research :

  • Build a checklist
  • Event type
  • Online reviews
  • Industry experience of the company

2. Look up for online reviews.

Sit with your laptop and look up for online reviews and feedbacks. Although do not get lured away by the website layout and content. Take a complete tour of the website and make sure you have also visited some of the competitor websites.

Things to look for when searching up on the internet :

  • Contact previous clients for their genuine feedback
  • Look up for testimonials
  • Have a quick check on the client feedback

3. Shortlist some potential event organisers

Once you have a clear idea of your requirements related to the event, it is time for you to shortlist some potential event organising company around you. You might have your head scratching with so many event organizers pitching their services in the market, and therefore, it is advised to make a list of some of the best event planners in the city and then shortlist them on the basis of your requirement. Make sure you check the industry experience, workforce, quality workmanship and managerial skills before taking up your final decision.

4. Have a look at their past projects

Also, make sure you look at some of the past projects and activities executed under the supervision of your event planner. This will give you a fair idea of their quality of service and standard of delivery.

What to look for in the past projects :

  • Managerial skills
  • Client and brand name
  • Client feedback
  • Reviews

5. Discuss your requirements

Before making the payment, make sure you have discussed your requirements in complete detail with your event planner. Do away with the hassle of an after party negotiation, and therefore, it is always advised to discuss your event needs and requirements in the beginning.

Sit with the event planner, be comfortable to discuss every single detail of the event. Share your expectations with the event and the kind of services you are looking for.

6. Trust their services

Once you have chosen an event planner, it is time for you to trust their service. Prep yourself for the party and relax. A professional event planner will deliver an on-time, hassle free and a top-notch service within your budget. Do not be bossy and over-inquisitive at the time of preparation. A professional event planner will rely on genuine quality marquee hire in Perth, keep everything covered and inspected at the time of the event.

These are some of the important points to be kept in mind when looking for a reliable event organiser. Every occasion whether a big corporate event or a small family gathering requires a high level of planning and management. Whether you want good furniture set up, trust a professional event furniture hire company, like Black Label Events, who specialises in providing a comprehensive range of event furniture for hire in Perth.

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