Weighing the Risks & Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Some people simply do not like wearing glasses. Perhaps the reason is for the inconvenience they cause when participating in certain activities such as sports. Maybe their reason is entirely aesthetic. They do not like the way they look. Regardless of one’s reason, laser eye surgery is often a natural solution to this problem. Laser eye surgeries work to reshape the cornea which can help correct eyesight problems. A wide range of problems can be fixed; the only exception of course would be vision difficulties simply due to old age. While having the surgery can help patients be able to ditch their glasses, these various surgical procedures do not come without some risk.

Sometimes laser surgery will not fix the vision problem long term. In fact, one study discovered that 36% of subjects needed their eyeglasses once more just five years following their laser eye surgery. Mistakes can happen during this procedure just like any other. Some doctors mistakenly trim away too much of the cornea. This can result in permanent vision problems as the mistake cannot be reversed.Other side effects could occur from laser eye surgery. Many people suffer from annoying dry eye afterwards. Also, many find their vision altered with halos and glares. This phenomenon occurs about 5% of the time. Given all these drawbacks of laser eye surgery, there are also of course benefits. The main one is the ability to no longer need eye wear. Laser eye surgeries are minimally invasive which means the patient will experience short recovery times. In fact, many patients find they can return to work sometimes as soon as the next day. The procedure itself is also quick, taking at most 15 minutes. Even after weighing all the risks and benefits, some patients prefer to keep wearing their eye wear. If you think laser eye surgery is the way to go, a good company to consider is Optical Express.


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